The Wild Hunt was something to look forward to when you died in ancient times where you rode alongside the great heroes and hunted the most dangerous beasts with them.  Probably looked like a pretty good deal for those who had to hunt just to survive and faced the prospect of a slow and unheralded death if they were injured while hunting a dangerous beast.


If you liked hunting it must have sounded awesome. I wouldn't have wanted such an afterlife for myself but to each their own.


They seem to be hunting women.


What else would they be hunting?


Hunty stuff


I'm pretty sure it's that "cosmic battle" thingee, or as our fundie brethren and sisteren would say "spiritual warfare".   That war theme is pretty strong in Christianity as well as prevailing among the Qumran Essene texts in a particular manuscript called "The War Scroll".


Wild boar are thriving through the whole world.