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Forum Oi! → Chit-Chat → Preserved dinosaur found w fossilized skin in tact!!!

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No prob. Click my name and you'll see a button that says FOLLOW on the next screen. Click it, and my channel will appear in your notifications. smile


I read down through the article than came to something I thought rarer than the dinosaur fossil, a CONFESSION from national globalist geographic on 'Why they lie'. smile Alas, it was just a 'tease'. They're still in the business of hiding the truth, like the smithsonian. smile


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I don't see anything that says follow maybe BC I'm already following ur channel? When I first signed up here I clicked follow on a bunch of channels so I'm guessing that's y I don't see it I clicked on a green box with a check mark in it but have no idea what that does its right under ur name/pic n then next to checked box is an option to block...


I've NEVER heard ANYONE say dinosaurs were fake lmao .... Def NOT fake!!!!


There should be a FOLLOW button at the top of this screen.


Thank u Null!!!! Lol I'm new to social media I'm 32 years old didn't grow up w it so never was interested in speaking to people that I couldn't actually "see" ..a photo could be totally fake !!! Nowadays its harder to fake who u are which is cool but I jus never wanted Facebook didn't want people n my business n definitely didn't care what anyone else was doing lol I jus work n take care of my two boys I like forum tho its pretty low key jus rite for me!!!


So this is ur channel do u have more than one? Someone blocked me other day for no reason i have no idea why!!! Lol I posted nicely.."woww incredible " some people are strange lol


OK smile


Yes I saw that !

Posts: 11

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Forum Oi! → Chit-Chat → Preserved dinosaur found w fossilized skin in tact!!!

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