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Madame Hydra is hot.  #ImALittleLesboForHer


He isn't evil at all to me, he's just a guy who has seen things and wants to take precautions and cap's stance on the accords was incorrect actually.


Most of the time I agree with you, so its not worth it to me to quibble  about it.
I simply don't see it that way....


Well okay then but to me in that movie cap was in the wrong.


...Maybe.  There's no telling how much was Hydra and how much wasn't Hydra.


At least one confirmed Head was on the World council which was apparently more than enough to sway the rest of them.


Now if they just do him full justice


I would still say that makes the American government more the "adversary" than Hydra, since they voted for it.


Hey Bale's Bruce with Dalton's moves would be cool...but Batfleck is killing it in the suit!


@MarvelManiaMod You should probably < spoiler >  the name  <spoiler>Ego in your title. If someone hasn't seen GOTG2 yet, they won't know he's a villain. Taserface is probably fine, because he's villainous from when he begins, but you might want to spoil that too so people won't think he's the main villain before watching it. </spoiler>


You're right he was a plot point, to set up Tony seeing the whole "mission report" , but I like certain aspects in a way , different to all the other villians.
Zemo in name only...he could of been Zoran Banonofsji! Lol.
Just thought of him as Zorba.
I am Zorba. ..starts greek dancing.


I like Bale's portrayal best because he does Wayne AND Batman equally well. Afleck is a decent Batman but I don't like his Bruce Wayne impression at all.


The World Council encompasses more than just America, hence World council.


That doesn't necessarily mean Hydra, either.
I'm not sure what you're really getting at.


I'm saying stop blaming the American government for something the World Council decided.


Thanks, just done that. I forgot that <spoiler> Ego doesn't really show his villainous intent until towards the end of the movie.</spoiler>


No problem. But also, you might want to spoiler the rest of that sentence, too! *LOL* <spoiler> I just saw the movie yesterday, and honestly, I think most people who have seen movies for any amount of time could guess that Ego would be the main villain of the movie from the first time when they see him riding on the outside of the spacecraft. But some people can't, and some people don't like any sort of spoiler whatsoever, so....</spoiler>




That's the one. You know he actually shot up on camera? Although it was Saline. I hope my son turns out exactly like him.

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Forum Oi! → Cinema & TV → [OPINION] Best MCU Villain So Far?[Spoilers for Guardians Vol 2]

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