Gov has deaf ears. Believe me, I have walked those corridors.


What do you think is the underlying ideology behind creating an education system that is less effective?


I agree, I am a English Tesol Tutor, and I can see Education gets running away with itself. I am a firm believer in some comments by the late "Albert Einstein , & especially his quote of saying...knowledge & imagination is far greater than any education= how true, I agree. I have a brilliant one hour lesson for children",  based on his theory=neilmcintyre1935@outlook.com


In my son's public school district, kids with higher abilities are given accelerated work and also accelerated classes. In some cases, they are even moved up an entire grade. So I'm not sure the problem is as bad as you believe it to be. Or mabe not all public school districts are created equal?




At the teacher's level it is pure survival and/or self promotion. I have never felt the need or wish to follow such a path. At the national level, well, I am with the late Tony Benn and his stinging criticism; an uneducated and unhealthy population is easier to control.


People can buy an education without earning it, is that what you mean?


My apologies, I should clarify that I am in Asia, where many factors are in play. Not least money and the advantages it brings. Again, sorry, I am on a crappy smartphone at the mo. I will respond with greater alacrity when I get back to work tomorrow


I agree, I think tutors will be just as important as teachers in the coming years - if not already. Keep up the good work!


In some respects that is true but, in my experience [and I hope this is a universal truth] such individuals are invariably found out and exposed as the hucksters they truly are.


I hope so David.


And also, I am speaking from the perspective of free gov schooling. I don't know much about bought degrees, other than they exist.


It's a short-sighted "money saving" corner-cutting mindset... bolstered by the hiring of unqualified administrators and teachers. Not to mention racially-motivated siphoning of public funds to private-sector belief-based schools. Most of the funds end up in the pockets of the upper echilons of the education pyramid.