There were A LOT of great pilots got the Luftwaffe...
In Canada, the US and Britain, we are accustomed to seeing photos on the walls of grandad as a young man with his cheerful mates in uniform....and we forget perhaps that that is pretty universal.
My SIL's father was in a Luftwaffe ground unit....the pictures on her wall of the same young smiling faces....wearing an eagle and swastika, a crowd posing and mugging for the camera for a group shot in front of a burning Russian farmhouse.


I had a professor who went to Germany. He said that the veteran grandfather of the house didn't like talking about his past or his service. I imagine the war was troubling for both sides.


This reminds me of a discussion we had of an American fighter pilot. I'm opening that up now. https://forum.com/home/cha...


Well.  These men made a choice too. Just like how I make a choice to go against the tyranny of global warming AND the forced-upon-us healthcare debacle that President Obama certainly MUST own.
They made the wrong choice.
I make the right choice.


War is a waste.


Hitler duped an entire nation.  That still remains a looming question of how that could happen and has generated more theories than one can imagine.


Poverty and desperation, along with nationalism. If you starve a proud nation they'll eventually follow whatever asshat promises them a return to glory. Napoleon gained support the same way. A hungry man will trade his freedom in exchange for food and greatness.


You say that almost like people were expected to stop resisting.


People resisted communism as well. What's that got to do with the ideology of these tyrants?


Bush really was "What, me worry?" 


They kill your family.  They dishonor your family.  You hope you live through it.  Not many did.


Or, they actually think their country is worth fighting for...no matter who is in charge.
A quaint little notion that doesnt exactly fit in with the "cultural" milieu of the West much anymore.


No German officer who figured out the truth,  felt good about it.   And they all knew eventually.   Once the fascists controlled all the pieces of security,  they kill you and your family for "defeatism".  They really were just thugs and criminals writ large.


If that was the case they would have collapsed en masse..and not put up resistance for a year...They certainly didnt give up an inch to the Soviet pigs for nothing.
The Allies could have gone from Normandy to Berlin in 2 weeks.


From 1939 to 1945 is 6 years.  If the choices between fight and maybe survive,  or don't fight and they kill your family was real.  Didn't matter.  The end came eventually. 


Nobody though it was a forgone conclusion until 1943, after Stalingrad.
Even then, they most of them also probably thought it would be an armistice like in the Great War.


During WW2 more did because they saw it as a adventure. Remember they had more manly hobbies back then. You are absolutely right the poor and middle class always do the bulk of the fighting. I saw a statistic that said something like 40% of the military are southern boys and girls.


I think if a big war came about a draft would happen. That way the government wouldn't have to worry about a lack of volunteers.


Yea that's true.