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i dont know how clearly this will come out, but its just some of the interesting things he left behind in his things, after he passed.. he was one of those people who never talked about the things he did .i heard some from my parents, and people who knew him. for example he was home listening to the radio one night, when the famous war of the worlds broadcast came on. and he and his tthree brothers and some neighbors went out hunting for martians,, and shot a couple of water towers up, and my uncle saw a set of eyes in the model a headlights, and shot a milk cow!..[he had to pay for the cow,,] and i heard about it from my dad, and when i asked my uncle he diddnt want to talk about it..
he told me stories anout old santa barbara county, and other things.. he was a giant in charecter, and in moral principle. he showed it in how he treated the elderly and poor. he never sat around talking about how everybody else should act. he displayed his values in how he walked and talked..
i hope you enjoy the summons.


The certificates given out by the Navy now are really fancy.   Everybody on the ship gets such commemorative certificate, for their first time and also for the ship's first time.  They have them for crossing the Equator, the tropic of Capricorn and the tropic of Cancer and also for the International Date Line I think.  I think it's kinda neat.


A very interesting man indeed.


When we on the CVS Hancock crossed the xroads, longitude/lattitude off of Pango Pango (phonetic spelling) coming from Sydney, we went through the whole garbage chute trip and got Golden Shellback cards. 1956.


his was beautifully drawn by hand, and had a frame that was made by one of his freinds with different knots all aroun the frame.. he was proud of it, and it hung by his bed untill his death..


Don't know whatever happened to my "Summons" and certificate. I mailed them home to my mother and never saw them again. Our certificates came in a little folder and looked like actual commendations.


Same for me. Coming from Townsville. 1999.


It's the Summons, not the certificate.


I have to admit, I am enjoying being the 'cool uncle' who's done a lot of things.
Something that I've started that more people could do is writing letters to our nieces and nephew.  I'm on the bus with nothing useful to do for half an hour every morning and afternoon.  I've started writing in the morning, about what I'm doing, what I've done, and my family's history.  It's been fun.


That's a remarkable momento.   He sounds like a interesting and kind man, who had a wonderful hell-raising youth.   I'm afraid there's fewer and fewer of those truly colorful and gentle characters around.

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Forum Oi! → Chit-Chat → My great uncle was a very interesting person

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