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Forum Oi! → Chit-Chat → Is it ok to continue investigating voter fraud until you get the answer you want?

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Russia investigation has been ongoing for what, nine months now, with no evidence yet.  Is it OK for the media and the Dems to insist on continuing it until they get the answer they want?


Invitations sent.


Is it okay to investigate human trafficking when the first scouring finds little?


I was unaware of any significant investigation into voter/election fraud.  There was one study done recently, but that was very limited (I would suspect on purpose) to find the desired answer.  The study really doesn't begin to address the true means of voter/election fraud, instead being against voter ID, which of course leftists don't like because it limits election fraud.


The investigations into voter fraud are not intended to detect voter fraud, but to assure voter fraud zealots that someone takes their concerns seriously.


Is it ok to continue investigating Russia until you get the answer you want?


I am sure its out there, on both sides, but if found what would be done? Slap on the wrist? Prison time? Seems like a waste of money when you see some of the big picture problems our country is facing...................


Bit of a biased discussion for the ethics channel, but whatever.
By the rules of Benghazi you're apparently allowed to investigate something at least nine times until you get the answer you want or until the person has lost a presidential bid.
So I guess President Trump can keep investigating voter fraud until his next campaign, make stuff up and call them alternative facts and use those alternative facts to tilt as far towards fascism as possible to ensure he can win his next presidential bid.
And the democrat section of congress can investigate the Trump campaign's many Russian liaisons to ensure he cannot win his next presidential bid.
As for ethical... it's national politics in the USA.  Ethics were barred at the door.


He's rich.
Slap on the wrist.


Anyone running for office is rich, so they all get a slap then?


If it were determined that a given issue was not a major problem, meaning what fraud exists is insignificant, and all future investigations were to cease, word of such would spread quickly. From that it would likely lead to greater abuse due to lack if enforcement; sort of like removing all speed limit ticketing on all roads. If you think people would be as safe on the roads after such a relaxing of enforcement as it is now ... well, then there is no reasoning with the above article.


How many of them haven't when caught?


How many have ever been caught?


OK, I should have included a rebuttal for this.  It actually isnt the same...  the election judge (or elections officer) would be similar to the police enforcing speed limits.  They are already there making sure the voting is done properly.    A better comparison would be if the federal government began investigating whether the police were catching every single person who breaks the speed limit.  It could be argued that due to safety of the public and the risk of death, this would be a more beneficial use of federal funds.  (but I wont argue that)


Many republicans want this investigated as well.


To clarify,. I am arguing that one case of voter fraud is not enough to warrant an executive order to start another voter fraud investigation.  I see now that I could have worded the rebuttal premise better. It was not my intent to say that voter fraud should not be prosecuted or that it doesn't matter.  There is no evidence that anything has changed since the Bush investigation found next to nothing.


Any investigation would include an audit of votes.  Otherwise, how would you know if there were illlegal votes? So you think Karl Rove did it wrong?


I don't know enough to judge.  Haven't looked into it.

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Forum Oi! → Chit-Chat → Is it ok to continue investigating voter fraud until you get the answer you want?

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