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So is the pilot officially out now. I wanted to show it to a friend but it got taken down.


Don't think so


When it officially comes out we will post it




So I want to catch the trailer of this show, and what does the fans think about a story so far behind in history for the DC universe.


Don't see why not let me talk for a bit now look when you have a show that does really well and it has an actual comic book superhero in it you know it to get renewed or in this case greenlit it's great. Then you have shows such as powerless who get cancelled because well it took place in the DC universe but didn't have any DC Characters. Take this for example I was on you may be familiar with it or if not I recommend checking it out. Now I was on there today with the community and these people are great because Gotham just got renewed for a fourth season and we were talking and joking around about the show and how we could improve it and there are some Gotham haters out there and I respect that but we all were joking about how Gordon should start wearing a trench coat and grow a mustache or smoke pipes and it was awesome because everyone included great little details. Point is Gotham may not have Batman yet and alot probably find it hard to comprehend and thats fine but thing is it isn't a damn superhero show its a crime drama show about the city of the dark knight and the point of view from the people surrounding it who grow into these characters. You gotta lay down the foundation and explain things. Im personally glad it isn't a Batman show because we are going to see tons of Bat verse movies soon so it's fine to leave it the way it is. The show still provides that dark grim affect of Gotham and has the psychos to prove it. My point is that SYFY is the best place for Krypton and it doesn't have to have Superman Im fine with it being his grandfather cause I wanna see Jor-El born and life on the planet before it turned to rubble. These type of shows don't need the actual superheros we get enough of them in movies. As long as it takes place in that universe and tells great stories every episode im in. It's gotta have that feel of the ground without the hero being there and how it made them want to become that hero. Thanks for reading this long peace of sh*t if you stuck through. No really I appreciate it.


This seems like an interesting concept, and has the potential to be something engaging and a little offbeat if executed well. At least, that's what I'm hoping for!
I'm certainly there for at least the pilot.


Nice! I liked the trailer (that got leaked and removed) and am looking forward to this. Snyder did an amazing job with Krypton in MoS. He had staff develop it extensively as a setting, even though we only got to see 20 minutes of Krypton in the film. Good to see all of that hard work end up getting used. It looks like it has wonderful potential for some great storytelling.


Did know about this show, I wonder why!

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Forum Oi! → Cinema & TV → Superman Prequel "Krypton" Greenlit at Syfy

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