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Raise you https://uploads.disquscdn.c...


She is arguably the single most consistently pretty woman I've ever seen, spanning the greatest range of time. The fact she did it all in comedy as well just puts a spin on that unlike any other. Arguably the perfect woman.








Oh yes! There are better images of that one out there by far. She gets special attention!


Lover her in Almost everything she has ever been in, a fantastic actress and amazing for like the past 20years?




Oh yeah! I can't get enough of her. She has never once bored me in decades. Who else could I say that about?




This pic makes me uncomfortable, she just looks way to young in it


Has she done a fair amount of B-movie where she gets topless? She looks familiar.


Mandatory hot woman with rifle pic. https://uploads.disquscdn.c...


I just like that one for some weird reason....


Hmm my up votes for you are disappearing.....


Don't worry about it. It's the system. It does that to me all the time too.


I really used to like her until she opened her mouth on I can't stand her.
It is weird, I have known insanely attractive women who seem to get uglier the more I learn about them.
And I have met meh women who have become insanely attractive to me the more I know them.


She's actually a surprisingly good actress, and even more surprisingly, she's British. She played a lawyer on Boston Legal, and she recently played a scientist on Last Ship, which was about the only Navy-based series I think I ever liked. It was actually really good, and I haven't gotten to the third season yet. It's the kind of thing Tom Clancy would write.


Not sure if it is her, or the 50/60's image I like so much


Think I saw the 1st season kinda battle star galactica meets Jericho meets us navy?


See why I shitcan politics? Middled between a hardon for hot chicks and falling down on the right side of "issues," I'll choose my dick every time. lol That's why I never listen to them talk unless it's in a movie where they're being someone else anyway. Seriously, almost every woman you see me posting here--I know nothing at all of how they think, and I intended to KEEP it that way! lololol
Nothing kills a hardon faster than hearing a hot chick say something really boring and stupid.


January Jones was one of the most difficult ones for me to settle on one image for. She's almost like Christina Applegate for consistency. Google images is a treasure trove.


Never saw Jericho, but BSG in the Navy? Spot on.


Jericho kinda like walking dead but no zombies. Mass emp and die off type scenario


Well as I am sure you are well aware a distaste for someone does not get in the way of certain activities.
I can think of more than a few x's where we pretty much just loathed each other and abused each other in a weekly basis.


Hahaha They don't make woods deep enough to grow a carpet I can't munch! lol I swear someday I'm going to turn her straight. lol


You "shot a lot of street scenes?" She seems awfully happy to be cleaning up after a drive-by. lol
Just kidding. She's really easy on the eyes, that's for sure. I like the black and white too. A while ago, someone on the channel said that "color shows you the clothes, but b&w shows you the person." Case in point.


I really can't get over this image. There's something so surreal about a beautiful woman with a killing machine--more surreal than anything Dahli ever did, IMO.


Just found this one, and it's really hard to choose.



Posts: 1 to 30 of 69

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Forum Oi! → Chit-Chat → Perfectionism: Pictures of Pretty Women

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