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Louder and funnier, please.


as a rule, the moderator requires all subjects for discussion to be posted in english.
so could the o/p repost this in english ,,please?


Not certain that the rule was violated?
If there is something I can help you understand better, it is not an issue, I will do what I can to clarify.
Would an example be of help?


Will you please post this at The Write Way forum channel?
[ ]
@Mastriani the Machiavellian


If you find it outside the ethics channel, you can just close/delete it.
Have no idea what that other channel is.


I'm just asking you to post your write up over to that channel, which I also run and is about writing and language hahah


Is there some function of forum that can be used or just a copy/paste?


Oh.  Just copy ya write up.  Post it same way at The Write Way forum channel.
Totally up to you. 


@Lord Circe
Excellent response, well done. Most of the "bombastic language" has now been modified. My apologies, I stream write, should have backed off and edited prior to posting. I accept the well reasoned criticism, thank you.
May I pose a real world example of my intent to you?




A natural extension of my spouse being an educator, she feels compelled to do charity/mission work additionally.
She introduced me to a preacher/minister that she has frequently worked with for her charity works. I will present the ensuing conversation sans any additional explanations.
Preacher: "Nice to meet you, I'm "name". How is your spiritual walk, are you currently attending services anywhere?"
Mastriani: "Nice to meet you also, "name". I have no spiritual walk, and have no need of church, thank you".
Preacher: "Why wouldn't you want to be part of a church? Lots of good people to meet and commune with and grow with God."
Mastriani: "I have my reasons, it just doesn't suit my cognitive model, it was nice to meet you but don't care to continue this discussion."
Preacher: "You know in the eyes God, that a woman married .... "
Mastriani: "With all due respect sir, I am ... not ... int ..."
Preacher: "I am concerned for your wife's soul ..."
Mastriani: "Allow me to interrupt, left nut, right nut, meatpipe down the seam. Pick one and suck it, I am not interested in or entertained by your attempted judgments."
The spouse was not pleased. One of the exceedingly rare visceral disagreements ever had between us. Both she and preacher seemed to be in agreement that my language selection and language usage were morally incorrect.
I was informed that he was polite, I was completely in error, disrespectful, inappropriate, vulgar and beyond the pale out of social order.
Your interpretation?


If I may interject, the preacher refused to stop bringing up religion three times, so meatpipe metaphors were apt in my opinion, although in public, I have never challenged a believer for fear harm would come to me.
And being polite in the example I think is code for deception, with an agenda to convert others to their thinking, (I'm not saying this doesn't happen with great frequency, especially online), it's just that some believers feel they must proselytize, whether for a reward in heaven, or in this case, possibly to bring in more money for his church.
So if it happens again, try Matthew 10:14
If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet.


1. no
2. Unethical/immoral do not compute.  The word itself, cannot be either, the intent ,however,can be.
3. Neither. Context is important.  A person describing unsatisfactory repair work could use a descriptive from their youth that has racial overtones.  The  listener is now presented with two choices.  They can attempt to correct the violator of PC speech where as removing the wrench from embedded in the skull of that  communicated the offended parties anger at being corrected.  Since in this example the communication occurred between persons from that side of town that knew each other since diapers.  The attempt at correction was inappropriate with painful outcome..
4. The ethical bases is good manners.  It is unethical and impolite to talk down to someone to achieve a sense of superiority.  That being the case, one holds their tongue. 


Language is communication.  The best vocabulary is one that both listener and speaker are confident that each understands what is being transmitted.   Most Americans today would be hard pressed to comprehend upper class Victorian, word usage.

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Forum Oi! → Chit-Chat → Language, vocabulary, usage ... ethics?

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