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I am still hoping for a definitive Directors Cut that adds more footage of Clark investigating Batman--including showing him  researching he Wayne murders, hopefully*--and the scene of Superman using his super hearing to try to locate his mother. In order to justify another version of the film there'd probably have to be another added 15 minutes of footage. But just even those two scenes for me would fix the most glaring problems I see with the story.
Anyway, this would up the total from disk sales. And digital streaming. I wish we had a measurement for that as well, because that's increasingly how people are purchasing movies.
*Clearly Clark would be interested in learning more about Bruce Wayne after his interaction with him at Lex's charity ball. Why would he not research him? I'll be very disappointed if there isn't footage of this in the original 4 hour cut. Then the use of "Martha" makes sense as purposefully used by Superman (a surprise psychological tactic used with his back to the wall).


"But the general audience out there DOWNRIGHT HATES 'BvS'! Preposterous!"
LOL ... No, it's only the "VOCAL MINORITY" who disliked it ... Unfortunately, they (and their CBM-blogs) fuel AND fool public perception into thinking that it was nothing but trash. The DVD/Blu Ray Sales, along with HBO's "most watched first-aired program ever" according to the latest Times-Warner quarterly report says general audiences may however think otherwise.
Rock on.


I'm glad the movie is finally getting the respect it deserves, the extended cut was such a improvement. BvS is the Blade Runner of superhero movies.


Yes it is. It reminds me of 2001: A Space Odyssey as well.


I mean Blade Runner as in a movie that was heavily criticised at the time but has since been heavily improved by numerous re-edits and now has become a cult classic.


Yeah, I know. Totally agree!
2001 had the similar type of reaction upon release. It caused quite a stir and it was not all positive by any means. Very mixed. Rock Hudson famously walked out of the premiere in disgust, stating words to the effect that he felt the film was an unintelligible mess.


Maybe 6-7 yrs down the line after BvS picks up significant critical traction and this gets a cult re-release in theatres, it'd be a different story.


Not sure about the time frame... I think Zack may do it after the release of Justice League. He did it for Watchmen (we have three versions of the film). Or at least maybe just add the scenes I mentioned and some other extra footage for all three films in a deluxe boxed set of the MoS/BvS/JL trilogy. 


I liked 2001 but felt it was overwhelming first time I watched it. It definitely is a movie that needs to viewed multiple times to get a clear interpretation.


That is a case where the novelization of the film had to be released after the film to explain what was going on. Arthur C. Clark wrote the story, it's based on a short story he once wrote. The novel is excellent and makes plain as day everything that happens in the film. Very easy to follow. Once you grasp the story clearly you can really appreciate the amazing visual artistry of the film.


Best news I have heard all day!



Actually, I think Its a marvel conspiracy.  Notice how any type of criticism for civil war is met with outrage despite the movie having the weakest plot of all time.  How the F did it get so much critical praise??? 


"But but, Rottted Tomatoes said" -Hater #2222


Proof of RT bias start from 1:00


Yeah, we studied "2001" in one of my film classes a few years ago. That's a very complex film and could be extremely overwhelming (I was), with so many different interpretations into what the meaning of the film actually could be -- and, as rog said, it got mixed reviews upon its release only to go down as the one of the most important films by one of the most important filmmakers ever.




I would buy it three times.

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Forum Oi! → Cinema & TV → 'Batman V Superman' moves into all-time best selling Blu-Ray list

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