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Does the comic provide an explanation?
Because I don't understand how he could circumnavigate the worthiness factor. His actions as a Hydra operative should  place the hammer beyond his reach Whether he's still Cap beneath all the brainwashing or not, Mjolnir would not go along with such goings on. Or at least I don't think it would.


Maybe Mjolnir is trying to make Thor Odinson jealous, so that he will take it back again....
Who knows. XD


Marvel: "Do they like us yet? Is this what they want?"


I have reached an understanding; Mjolnir has been brainwashed too...


For now, everything seems to be up for speculation. Maybe Cap's playing a double agent... or triple


Honestly if cap is a triple agent it's not going to be funny or maybe their trying to say his brain is evil but his soul is still good which is stupid.


Marvel comics editors are either clueless...or reactionary in some insane pandering manner...that even annoys the shrinking market they are now pandering to.
I thought they'd go the triple cross double agent.
This is not Hickman's Secret Warriors with Nick Fury long playing Strucker and Hydra.
It's fairy floss...Looks like a fat meal but no nutrition.
For now I'll enjoy the mcu and Netflix.
Hopefully they will get a Bruce Timm type for some quality animation.
The games look to be on the up with some publishers and developers...I've totally enjoyed certain games over the years.
Ironic that the worst thing about marvel is their comics.
They need a mini cull at the executive level.


Mjolnir marries the Surfer's board...and together they go so fast they reset the mcu.


just got back and yeah i enjoyed it rip peter stepdaddy he reminds me of professor snape and gin from bleach

Posts: 9

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Forum Oi! → Cinema & TV → [COMICS] Free Comic Book Day Secret Empire

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