Oh good lord...  You are SO transparent basarov.


Surely, philosophy has never been accepted in general.  Up until recently, most people on this rock were barely (if at all) literate let alone educated to a standard where they could even have access to such knowledge (this is still partly true in many parts of the world today).  However, due to the recent population explosion, better education  (for the general population) and easier access to knowledge: libraries, teachers and dare I say (this ad ridden, alternative fact spewing) world wide web, then philosophy is more popular (by numbers) than it ever was.  No more is it solely the reserve of an elitist cabal in society.


I dare say, you do the same thing Basarov.


You make a very infantile assumption in that somehow greek philosophy is "correct", and therefore german philosophy (regarding the greeks) is also correct.  You also presume the virtues of America  (let's not kid ourselves, we're grown ups here Basarov) are a product of their culture and you completely rule out the proposition that these 'virtues' are inherently human nature, or rather a genetic disposition... leading to the quite disturbing conclusion if true, that you would 'discard' this entire popluation because you don't like them.  Basarov, my good man, eugenics and ethnic cleansing is not the answer , it never is.  Tut tut, shame on you.