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I was curious how the Netflix Original Marvel properties were going to work out.  That's the one I'm still most curious about.
Would I add an extra service just for them?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Probably not.


I would say Disney would pay to get them.


I'm debating cancelling my Comcast cable subscription and just going with Netflix, Disney and HBO GO for my viewing


Come on Disney.  You will screw it up! Let Netflix do there thing.


Buddy that's the way to go!!! Hell throw YouTube in and you are set.


Whatever. I buy Star Wars and Marvel on Bluray most of the time. I don't need to stream it.


I would think that the Netlix originals will stay. Those shows are essentially R rated and probably wouldn't fit in on the streaming service. If Disney does want them they can probably only have the episodes that they produce themselves so any Marvel show that is on Netflix will stay there.


I have YoutTube red already!


I am the rare person that does not subscribe to cable, satellite television, or any streaming services whatsoever. We rely basically on over the air antenna broadcasts in my local area.  I hardly watch television, neither does my wife, and my young kids split their time between on air PBS and oldies shows, DVDs, and YouTube, the latter of which probably takes the most of their time.

But this Disney streaming service stands a good chance to probably get my money.

My kids enjoy the Disney TV shows, and so do my wife and I. They remind me of the sitcoms I grew up with, and are safe for my kids to watch. My kids love Star Wars, and Marvel, although we limit some of the Marvel movies due to language and stuff. Plus, I'm sure this Disney channel would also probably have those really old, classic Disney movies, stuff like "The Computer Who Wore Tennis Shoes" and things that aired on The Wonderful World of Disney. Sounds like fun, and a bargain if it's around ten bucks or so.


If they include some of the old live action classics like the Kurt Russell films and the Herbie the Love Bug movies then I would be interested.


Do you watch sports? If you don't, you can probably afford to lose it. I let go of cable years ago because I was paying sixty bucks and there was only one show that I was watching regularly - Battlestar Galactica. I dropped it, and just waited to get the seasons free from the library on DVD after the season aired.


I'm sure they will, because there's nothing else they're really doing with those. My library has a service through Hoopla, where you can rent streaming movies, DVDs, comics, etc. Hoopla has all of those old Disney movies on it, from Herbie the Love Bug, Swiss Family Robinson, and all those Kurt Russell Films to stuff like.....there's one with a goat and Don Knotts....I forget the name, but my kids love it. Gus! Gus is the name of it. And many I've never heard of, like one called the "Last Flight of Noahs Ark" which had Elliot Gould, a pre-Silver Spoons Ricky Shroeder, and a pre-immediately fired from Star Trek Voyager Genevieve Bujold. It was about a pilot of a rickety plane that gets paid by a nun to transport some animals to some impoverished nation for the locals, because he needs the money to pay off some bookies or something. *L*

Posts: 12

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Forum Oi! → Cinema & TV → [UPDATE] Star Wars & Marvel Movies Are Officially Leaving Netflix

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