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Forum Oi! → Chit-Chat → Drunk expectations for being moderator!

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I got really drunk last night. I hope I didn't write anything that put you off in any way. I've been through my posts and tried to delete or edit anything that was too weird. Thanks for all your cool posts and your thread. smile


You are welcome.  I did have to can Guffie twice.  What a clown he is!  Everything OK with you?


Ugh! My last tequila kick resulted in a two day hang over. No lesson learned. Still love my Patron as well as Anejo! The Latina in me I guess!


That's the way I usually go. I think that other half a bottle is going to be sitting in the cupboard for a while though. lol


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Congratulations on surviving your experience with cornhole intact. If someone offers you a game of cornholes, just say NO.


Mine still sits in the freezer! Lol! I gave my two back up bottle to my son! I couldn't even bear the smell for a year! Lmao!


Make my own baby?
Or, make my own, baby?


Truth be told so far the root canal they did last night is holding quite painless... Quite surprising...


You got a comma pregnant. lol Good thing it wasn't a colon, you'd have a buttchild.


I had a root canal a few months ago, and I was surprised as well. It was a lot less painful than any teeth cleaning.


Hey... I was always bad with multiple choices... Plus it's all a hole to me...

Posts: 12

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Forum Oi! → Chit-Chat → Drunk expectations for being moderator!

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