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He is an execrable and morally turpitudinous man who disgraced the executive branch of our government. But my, my, he certainly used to be a lot better looking in his youth.


Indeed, the same can be said about Rumsfeld. Have you ever seen him young?


Dick Cheney is a good man.  Just because he had a perpetual snarl on his face when he was older doesn't mean he is evil.


I am surprised others feel the same. I was sure people would be calling for my head, perhaps in due time.


I cannot say enough horribly truthful things about the man.
Completely dishonest.  Criminally indifferent to human life.


Richard Armitage leaked Plame's name.  How can people make stuff up and pretend its true?  I expect more out of this channel.


Name three without looking on google and leave your emotions at the door.


Most forum debates we should concede may offer many views, or at worst two.
Not this one.
Evil. Maniacal. Comparable to Assad, Hussein and Franco, though not to Hitler or Stalin, let's be fair.
This man caused 99% of our problems today, along with Rumsfeld.


I agree, I uploaded it from because it was the best short bio I could find and I didn't think my comments above were sufficient for something on the history channel and felt a bio was needed. So I apologize about the paragraph that makes this charge and I will delete it.


People really liked and trusted Bernie Madoff too. But they are both deceitful scum. In my own opinion a likable War Criminal like Cheney gets no excuses.


A criminally insane cyborg.


Remember when he swam to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico and sabotaged the Exxon oil rig at the beginning of Obama's first term.  Man that was funny.


Apologies not necessary.  It is the curse of copy and paste.


I will confess, all I remember of Cheney came from his role as V.P., that's his legacy to the majority of Americans.  Darth Chaney, an utterly pitiless man-behind-the-curtain who was so feared that after he shot a man in the face, the man apologized for getting shot.
While he may be been clean-cut in his youth, it is as he was at the height of his power that he will be remembered.


Weapons of Mass Destruction.
Deficits don't matter.
The Unitary Executive.


You're hurting his feelings.


Just the business ties to hallitburton should have been enough to have the man charged.  He is literally in the business of war.


Its funny how the Intelligence community is either prophetic or charlatan depending on which way the political wind blows.  Its funny how deficits don't matter depending on the suffix letter of the presiding administration.  I don't know what the Unitary Executive is but I am confident I will be excoriated for admitting that.


It's been said that 9/11 unhinged the over-confident Cheney
"many of the top Democratic legal and national security players have long viewed Cheney as a man who became unhinged by his fears, responsible for major misjudgments in Iraq and Afghanistan, willing to bend or break legal precedents and constitutional principles to advance his aims. Polls show he is one of the most unpopular people in national life."  voices.washingtonpos...


Good man. The best VP ever.



Posts: 21

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Forum Oi! → Chit-Chat → Dick Cheney:Vice President/Secretary of Defense/Congressman/White House Chief of Staff

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