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Forum Oi! → Chit-Chat → I don't think Santa's going to be out of jail in time for Christmas...

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First!  Is this about horse p*rn?


Oh come on! Just because there's picture of a scared horse screaming "not like this Santa!" and a drunken, passed out Santa admitting to the world he fucked a horse, you automatically just assume there's something sexual about this? Pervert.


You're right. I'm wrong. I should have performed due diligence and checked Pornhub first instead of last. As far as I can tell there are no equines involved in pornography - it's just humans acting like horses. Seeing acting in pornography has kind of set me back on my heels, like Santa up there! smile


What do you mean "acting?" It looks pretty real to me. lol
No equines involved in p*rn? I'd say they should NOT be involved, and whoever does should be shot, but I think anyone who doesn't find it endlessly entertaining that there are people in our world who can't stop f*ck*ng horses, is just not being honest.
Here are a few articles on horsefuckers--including the World Heavyweight Champion of Serial Horsefuckers: Rodell Vareen, who not only can't stop f*ck*ng horses, but for some reason, just can't leave the ass alone, and always gets arrested for buggery.




Perform "due diligence?" Is that like a Glassbottom Boat or something?


Horsefucking is not just a dick move, it's the LAW!


And the sheep are nervous


Well, god and the plastic baby jeesus have this covered in their "book of good things". It's not just this one proverb either - it's in there 57 times! Horsefuckery is not going away regardless of how ridiculously funny it is, in the end, men like Rodell are just doing the lords work.
Proverbs 27:23 Be thou diligent to know the state of thy flocks, and look well to thy herds.
I probably shouldn't have quit church to stay home and get high before I understood the implications and reach of "know".  smile


Hahahaha Congratulations! That's the first time I've ever known someone to whip out a bible and start "quoting scripture" in support of horsefucking. lolol
That takes the prize, my friend! lolol


The problem with sheep getting nervous is that they bolt, but because they're looking behind them, they ram their heads straight into a fence and get stuck--which is just perfect for anyone trying to hit it.

Posts: 11

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Forum Oi! → Chit-Chat → I don't think Santa's going to be out of jail in time for Christmas...

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