Ameila Earhart killed while in Japanese custody in Saipan?


This was the original theory .  Was there a skeleton   that went missing , that was alleged to have  been Earhart  -
  I recall it from Leonard Nimoys  In search of...


Crashed on Howand died of thirst, eaten by coconut crabs. https://uploads.disquscdn.c...


Not killed so much as died in custody on Saipan after a couple years. She was not that robust. The locals on Saipan knew it, her guards were debriefed after the war. The military knew it and it was an open secret that the American military had the information before the war started. Whether it was not believed, or more like nobody wanted to look foolish by forwarding unverified information or exposing how they got that info, it matters not.  It was disregarded. When I had contact with the military there were still officers who had been in since before the war. All anybody had to do was ask. It was known.


But remember, the US entry into the war in 41, was many years after Japan had already started in 34.
If you're right, Earhart was a war prisoner, in the absence of open hostilities between the two nations.


Then she knew help was not coming. I don't want to imagine the despair and misery.


Did you see Scorcese's "Silence?"  My husband took me to it.


No. It wouldn't come to theaters in this benighted part of the world. I'll try to find it on amazon.


"A Caucasian woman with her back to the camera"
There is a similar hairline on the guy, but a widow's peak is not all that uncommon.  That is pretty thin.  You can't even be sure that's a woman, could be a Japanese or native man.
People always want to solve this, but probably never will.  Seems like these folks want this to be a conspiracy or something.


Never say never


Certainly not.  But also don;t take scanty evidence like this and assume it proves something.


It's not scanty.  It's more than that.  You have to be honest instead of argumentative.  The video just states the evidence presented by other historians, on MSN.


The only thing I can confirm is that is definitely a Japanese freighter the plane sits on.


It's a picture of someone with their back toward the camera.  IT could be anyone, you can;t even be completely certain they are Caucasian.  You want this to be true, so you are assuming it is true, but that is a silly reason to believe anything.  People have been making this claim about her for decades, a single fuzzy picture of a guy with a widow's peak and a person with their back to the camera adds nothing at all to the evidence.
This picture is an exercise in confirmation bias.
The ocean is big, islands are small, yet ever skeleton found on an island in the Pacific, every picture that might be a woman, every story about a white person in the region, all of it is always assumed by people like you to be irrefutable proof of Amelia Earhart.  It quite simply is not.
She might have lived, though it seems unlikely, she might even have been captures by the Japanese and died in their custody or even been killed by them.  Neither this picture, nor your credulity, are in any way evidence of this though.


First of all, I am saying nothing.
Second of all, this is evidence that has been compared with OTHER photographic evidence to substantiate the original claims.  These comparisons are made by experts, not dilettantes.
Third of all, these interpretations are offered in the context of OTHER documentary and eye-witness testimony, from military sources.
It's simply not "scanty".


Lets be clear what the evidence is:
1) A photograph that appears to show two figures who may resemble the missing Americans, and a possible image of an object towed by a Japanese vessel that matches the size of Earhart's missing plane.
2) Known photographs of the two missing individuals which seem to support the measurements of the unknown subjects of interest in the above-mentioned phorograph.
3) Primary source documents that implicate the Japanese Empire's direct involvement, according to US military sources.


"Amelia Earhart Captured and Killed? New Evidence Debunks History Channel’s Crazy Theory"
A new photo supposedly shows the aviatrix was taken alive, but eyewitness testimony unearthed by The Daily Beast shows the claim is false.