I'm not sure but I think it's a Popcorn tub


Nice to see Supes featured. Hovering from above.
I couldn't help noticing how front and center Wondy is. It's going to be interesting to see how shared the role of rounding up the JL is in the first act between Diana and Bruce. I remember reading back when when there was more hype about The Batman (with Affleck directing) that Batman would have a role not unlike like the character Chris in the Magnificent Seven in that regard. I wonder if they beefed up Diana's role as a co-leader in getting the JL formed, after the success of her film. Anyway, it'll be fun to find out this November.


Supes pushed to the back again.


But he is also hovering over everyone else


I haven't seen his presence in theaters and trailers yet, so even in the back (and above!) this is a big change, for me.


I keep getting the impression she's going to be the leader, and Batman will be pulling strings. No idea if that's just a vibe or what.


Hah!  I've got to say, I like how they've got Wonder Woman in the front.
A small move in the right direction.


serioulsy can't wait for it. Huge fan of DC i really hope its better than Marvel's Avengers. Otherwise it would be a turn off


I really want to see Batman 2019 can't come fast enough.


Alfred must have packed the dress codpiece


i'm loving the colour.........  flash looks a lot more tweaked, Batman is awesome (best Batman ever), wonder woman looks wonderful. So psyched for this movie. I know Snyder made the perfect Comic Book Team up movie.
Snyder puts you in the zone. Batman v Superman he put you into Batman's mind set. The movie was dark and gritty. This will have some Banter between the hero's, there will be numerous different personality's so the colour tone stands out more. He's awesome.
That picture is "Epic", The very first teaser trailer had the same tone in the flash scenes.