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Batman vs The Planet of the Apes I don't care how just make it happen.


I upvote you a thousand times!


If we have Batman and the Ninja Turtles together, why not?


Hey waldo..... Have you seen Homecoming yet?


Yes a couple of hours ago I've already given my thoughts about it over at MarvelMania.


Wow! Now we talkin'


I must say that another Batman trilogy sounds good, plus I really like the Ben affleck as Batman


How about we get one solidly done...
...before we start talking about sequels.
Are our memories so short that we've forgotten what happened with "Man of Steel"?


Man of Steel is great cinema for most of the people that post here.


What's the deal with trilogies? Why not just make a good movie? And if it's good and you have another idea... make a second... and/or a third...


I am sadly well aware of that.


Sounds fab


It lit *immediately regrets using the word "lit"*


That would give us a series - nothing wrong with that - but loses the possibility of the story arc. The reason people make them (books and films) is because we punters like them. Many people enjoy the setup of the world, the setup of the story proper and the conclusion - each with the wait to build up expectation and enough time for a fan base to get going. I suspect the modern phenomenon of the trilogy or tetralogy or longer is, in part, fuelled by Internet fandoms.


What happened with Man of Steel? It worked very well in setting up the Superman franchise, but was also a corking stand-alone movie that was deep and detailed in a way that most superhero flicks just aren't. Of course "deep and detailed" maybe what you find problematic.


Why do you think we lose the possibility of a story arc? You can still have an origin film... you could have a few films... when the time is right, you pull the plug. Maybe it's two films. Maybe it's much more.  Harry Potter was, what, 47 films?
I'm talking specifically to the love affair with a trilogy. I don't know if it's just me, but it seems like an inordinate amount of "tentpole"-type films, there's always a push not to make sequels, but to make a trilogy.


What I found problematic with it was:
    It was actually a very well put together, well acted movie, but it wasn't 'Superman'.  Snyder wanted to push his version of what he imagined Superman to be.  I and a hell of a lot of other people, knew he was wrong with his vision and made a big fuss (you may have heard).
Here's the thing though and I've said this before, had the main character been CAPTAIN MARVEL/SHAZAM!, it would have been a perfect movie.  Despite the fact that Captain Marvel is practically Superman, minus the heat-ray-vision, in reality, he's still just a 12 year old boy.  When it gets down to the point where he would snap whomever's neck he was fighting, THAT would have been a true tragedy!!
The nonsense that people have been saying about "Oh, but Superman is just starting out.  He doesn't have a code against killing yet, because he hasn't had to.", is absolutely ludicrous. Literally, that means, I would have to kill a few homeless people before I could realize how wrong that is.
Clark Kent is a full grown man, well aware of his power, whereas for Billy Batson, he actually would be finding out about his power.

Posts: 17

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Forum Oi! → Cinema & TV → Matt talks about the possibility of a Trilogy

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