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I see it like this I'd have been fine with a black Mary Jane(I would've still hope to at least give her red highlights or just dye it all the way) but to just put the name on seems dumb either do it or don't. Don't try to pull some sh*t like this cause this was a cop out


Meh, let me know when Marvel gets the rights back to Silver Surfer and can do the Infinite Gauntlet series the right way.


Also given Marvel's hatred of Mary Jane and Peter's relationship it'd make sense they wouldn't want to put it in the movies


Exactly.  This is where I'm annoyed...
It seems like they just grabbed random names from Spiderman and assigned them to characters in this movie.  I could care less about race.  But why the hell is Peter's best friend Ned Leeds?  He was actually a romantic rival for Betty Brant's affections.  Betty Brant is also in the movie--as a fellow high school student (even though Betty Brant, in the comic books, is several years Peter's senior).
If you're going to use the characters names, they should be somewhat like the characters that they're portraying.  I don't care if Liz Allan is black.  I do care that the character is somewhat akin to the character in the comic books.  It's a bit more annoying than the Ned Leeds thing.  I have no problem with Peter having a love interest that is not in the comic books.  The movies have pretty much used up his serious love interests--MJ in "Spiderman", Gwen in "Amazing Spiderman".  So having "Michelle" be a love interest is fine with me.
That said, it was my understanding that (SPOILER?) she is Michelle Toomes--as in a daughter of Adrian Toomes, The Vulture.  Which is why Marvel didn't announce her last name.  There's also some history in that I believe Ben Reilly meets "Michelle," the daughter of the man that killed Uncle Ben.  Needless to say, Spiderman sent her father to prison, which means she wasn't a huge fan...


I have no idea why this would make any difference in any possible permutation.  Of course Sony/MCU isn't faithful to the canon - it never has been, never will be, so any similarity between a 616 character and an MCU/Sony character is an optional bonus, not proof of fidelity or not.


Haven't seen the film what makes you think she's mj and why does is matter


Because we haven't gotten a Mary Jane on the big screen since the Raimi films and we want to see the relationship between MJ and Spider-Man done right.
But given Marvel seeming hatred of Mary Jane and Peter Parker having a long lasting loving relationship at all, I don't know why this surprised me.


This is just me reporting the news from other sites and from other people who have seen it.


well I have to see it first before i start making statements


yup I'd hope the hate would stay in comics(and even get out of those eventually) but looks like its infected the movies too


Actually, MJ is Magic Johnson.




I mean she's not really Mary Jane Watson so you can't get too upset. At the same time they're probably going to pull some BS and give her all the MJ comic storylines. So it's a crossroads.
Guess we'll have to wait and see what happens.


Why.... I heard that her last name is supposed to be Toomes. And I am actually more excited for that.


Different character.


Strangely enough, I still don't care. If she isn't completely trash in the film I'm sure we can cope with it lol.


When I was reading Ultimate Spiderman, I found he used to be good with coming up with ideas but hit or miss with execution.  The way he did dialogue bugged me even back then.  It looks like he is out of ideas, his dialogue got even worse and he is flailing with troll bait and gender/race swapping.  Not that most of the other writers  at Marvel has been any better.


I think there are casual fans who would react to "MJ" with recognition.


Yeah, I can totally see that being where she wanted to go with it. The funny thing is thanks to the Sony email hack she was exposed as a complete hypocrite with her casual racism, so I guess her crusade had a very singular agenda. Those hackers will probably never know the service they did to movie goers everywhere.


I readily admit I loved Ultimate Spider-Man I read the whole thing from beginning to end, and with a few minor hiccups in a few parts I love what they did with the mythology how they streamline the parts of it that didn't make sense in the original 616. Little tweaks they made to the Back stories of characters and organizations. . . And more importantly it ended and sent out spidey's character on a heroic note.
Which makes it really sad that Marvel decide to junk the Ultimate Comics line after the Disney buyout.


Anyone would be "someone else called MJ".  Kirsten Dunst was "someone else called MJ", since she didn't fit the character as described in either 616 or Ultimate.  No actor playing a character would be the "real" MJ.
Everyone is entitled to their own reactions, of course, but this would make a lot more sense to me if there had ever been a movie (other than Sin City, a special case) that was actually faithful to a comic book.  It's never happened before, it's not reasonable to expect in whole or in part.


Yeah, Hollywood may virtue signal about how diverse and inclusive they are. But behind-closed-doors they are some of the nastiest most bigoted people you'll ever meet.
And I say that as a person who leans right of Center.


Kirsten Dunst was Mary Jane in the Raimi films.  People got their hopes up that there will be a Mary Jane.  Michelle is not Mary Jane and people are disappointed by that.  It isn't that hard to understand.


but her name was Mary Jane and she at least had the look down(personality not really) cause if your not gonna get the look or name at leas they could give the personality


I get the feeling they are prepping to reboot it.  Some recent comics with Ultimate Reed and the appearance of Ultimate Wolverine's son seems to imply that continuity isn't as dead as first presented.  It wouldn't be the first thing they brought back from the dead.


I'm kind of glad they wrapped it up. And wrapped it up before Marvel's current politically biased trend.


I remember when they changed the Hulk's name to David and had him act like The Fugitive.  If it's a good show, it's a good show.


They didn't lie about her being MJ. They specifically said that she wasn't "Mary Jane" which was true. I actually really liked her character and can't wait to see what they do with her in the sequel. It's nice to have a Spider-Man movie love interest with some personality because clingy and annoying like Dunst's MJ. I don't see a single legitimate reason to get upset and I'm a Spider-Man comicbook collector.


Stark essentially plays a smaller role than Rhodey did in Iron Man. He does not steal the focus.


If we stopped watching the MCU because the actress playing a love interest was a douchebag I'd have to stop watching Iron Man. Paltrow makes Zandaya seem like the most pleasant and likeable person in the world in comparison.

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Forum Oi! → Cinema & TV → [NEWS] Homecomings Casting Controversy Is Back (Spoilers)

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