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Lets be honest, the problem this movie is going to face is that no matter how good you make the movie, people are going to always compare it to the original Raimi & McGuire version and say 'yeah it's not as good as thatl' See also Superman in the DCEU compared to Christopher Reeves movie, or Batman compared to to the Nolan movies.


Good points the Raimi movies came first and encouraged me to start reading comic books so that's why I find them more impactful. Except for Spider-Man 3 of course which is perhaps the most disappointing movie of the last decade.


It doesn't help that they keep rebooting him younger and younger.  People are tired of origin stories in general much less a third origin of the same character.  As bad as BvS was, at least they didn't do another Batman origin.


That's one good thing about Homecoming they completely skip Spidey's origin, no flashbacks or mention of uncle Ben, with great power comes great responsibility or any time of it.


I seen it a few hours ago it's nothing even to do with it rebooting again..........
It just lacks in something!


I thought RDJ gives Peter that line this time.  I wonder how disconcerting the differences between the movie and the comics will be this time.  How was Marisa Tomei as Aunt May?


I'm one of the maybe ten people on earth who actually liked BVs. . .


She really wasn't in that much or did anything apart the usual Aunt May's worried about Peter bit. They had a opportunity with a younger, good looking aunt May to bring a fresh take to the character but they don't.


So on a scale from one to ten, one being the lowest and ten being the highest how good was the movie for you?


About a 7.5.


I don't necessarily have a problem with it, as long as Peter learns the lesson.  But if that's the case, I'd like to know.


Here's my take on a movie I haven't seen yet (as well as all the Spider-Man movies). I'll watch and support it but I'm thoroughly tired of Peter. I LOVE Spider-Man as HE IS THE FIRST SUPERHERO I EVER KNEW and my constant go to for literally all things regarding my childhood but yeah. I'm a rarity fan wise. I know canon and I'm a die hard but I'm in disagreement with the usual sentiment regarding Spider-Man.
A.) the Tobey Maguire movies were good and all but mainly because of the LACK of good versions. I mean before those films was what, that Adam West styled TV show from the 70s? How couldn't they succeed?
B.) the Spider-Man movies with Garfield were just as good as the Tobey movies were in my opinion. I mean they were off in the time placement due to the actor's age and what was believable with regard to character age. I feel the same way about the supporting cast in Tobeys movies, people felt about Garfield. Here's why, in my opinion SpiderMan was almost like a dark comedy of sorts. The story was consistently tragic, triumphant and comedic but AGAIN in my opinion, ALL of the villains were either moderately or extremely DARK. In the 90s, they ALL had a very "Jokerish" sense to them. As of late, EVERY Spider-Man movie is a kid foray which means ALL THE MOVIES are at least missing one ingredient. THE DARKNESS.
C.) Again, I keep saying it but Marvel should have shown some guts and pushed for Miles and built on Garfield. Some measure of real creativity on their and SONY'S part. They could have turned the failures of ASM/ASM2 into canon by fast forwarding 10 years from ASM2. Show us something we haven't seen with ANY superhero movie. A "change of guard".


Going tonight at Imax...thanks as usual for no spoilers Waldo.
This time UK got it a day before Oz.


Better than the previous Spiderman or even worse?

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Forum Oi! → Cinema & TV → [Thoughts] Just Seem Spider-Man Homecoming [No Spoilers]

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