Ah seriously! That must be awful! I would feel so I don't know violated. It's your personal things - you pay them for moving you and then they steal from you. They probably steal and resell immediately - making it hard for the police to trace. They will say 'we didn't do it - because we don't have the good here. Check it out if you want' which ofc will lead to nothing. It might even be they already sold your stuff underway.
I don't think there is much you can do sad I always do the moving myself - get myself a big truck and the help of friends. I do hope you will get your treasures back! Maybe someone is yet to comment that piece of advice that will help you!




I've made about 25 major moves in my life, both national and international. Every time I moved myself, the move was tough, but successful; every time I've moved with a "professional" crew, something or somethings have been stolen.
I have no idea why that is so.


Sorry to hear it.  Yes, it's happened to me a few times, but I've moved a lot. 
They steal because it's easy.  Any good company is insured for it.  Making claims can be a pain sometimes, but offers some solace.  I took pictures of high value items to show condition and ownership right before the move.  Individual line items too, on the inventory. 
Things you can't bear to lose should be mailed/shipped individually.  In my experience they have a better track record with things showing up. 
Companies who allow you to put your own seal on crates/boxes are the best.  Less room for error. 
If you're an American, moving over a certain amount of miles is tax deductible.  smile