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I'll go with Wonder Woman.


Well, so far from what they have showed us. I would say Wonder Woman no doubt about. In second place would be Man of Steel. The only good thing BvS had to offer in my opinion was the cameo from Wonder Woman.


Well I've seen the temporary results, and with the polls not closed, it seems Batman v Superman is winning the poll followed by Wonder Woman and Man of Steel. I'm surprised by the results, even though since my last discussion about Batman v Superman I've seen it again both the normal and extended versions and I've come to like the movie more, I don't consider it the best of the DCEU. That being said everything is a matter of opinion and I'm glad so many people liked it so much.
By the way I think not including SS in the poll is cold, I mean perhaps there are people who would like the option to vote it as the best DC movie.


Stawpolls never close


I see... I think it's my first or my second time participating in one so I didn't know. Thanks for the info.


I went with WW. Though I still enjoyed SS way more, not sure why it wasn't included


Wonder Woman bar none.


Got this off Reddit and the OP thought people would choose SS ironically


Well too bad, I would have given it a thought between WW and SS.


Hands down Wonder Woman. JL could change that tho.


WW currently equal to BvS and ahead of MoS - the children must be voting


It's neck to neck with 39% for both WW and BvS. I haven't watched WW yet but I still enjoyed BvS more than Man of Steel


Where is Suicide Squad lmao


Nothing irritates me more than the "but so many people died in these movies" complaints. Ugh. Really, whether it's in MoS or BvS, it's fights between god-like creatures, what are you expecting? No casualties ? -_-'
It's true that the third act of MoS is very detailled, you see many clues of the larger DC world in it when you know where to watch.


Amen, Zack! ^^


See... I didn't like WW in BvS. She felt like a fanservice/Macguffin hybrid, and I kept forgetting she wasn't Catwoman.


Agree she was there to hype the movie


"Batman v Superman" hands down, no question, no explanation even needed.


I'm with you on this. For me, when they manage to avert the consequences of the use of god-like power it just smacks of poor writing and emotional cowardice. I will be interested to see how the DCEU handles the collateral damage in continuity though. Marvel just ignore the consequences of their story-telling - there are space aliens and some of the gods were extraterrestrials, but there is no impact on people's day-to-day lives at all. In BvS we see that DC are prepared to embrace the fallout from introducing the godlike alien that is Superman; at least to a degree. As time goes on though, the culture shock can only grow - especially when we see more aliens, the introduction of magic and an ever rising body count.


Exactly - DC is trying to create a world which has been deeply impacted by the apparition of the Kryptonians, and showing us, to some extent, the consequences for mankind and our societies. I like that very much. I think that the "we can't save everybody" will also be a topic in either the upcoming Justice League movie or in the following DCEU entries. I can quite see the reborn Superman and Batman arguing about it ^^


Aren't all female superheroes just fanservice? There's a panel in the Injustice comic with (IIR) Catwoman, Black Canary and Huntress all sitting around a table in costume and it looks like a dominatrix convention. Perhaps thigh-high boots with stiletto heels give you some sort of advantage when sneaking about or fighting bank-robbers, but I don't see it myself.


The deeper you dig that hole... aren't all superheroes just fanservice?
Your example kinda makes me laugh, because I'd see something like that and think "What a bunch of hornball artists out there!" and then I'd go to Yahoo News and see articles about women wanting to wear less... and go to Instagram and see cosplay girls dressing scantily (yes, that's a bit of cart-before-the-horse)... and then I check out Facebook around Halloween and see all the girls in stiletto heeled Naughty Librarian costumes...
Logistically, I totally agree with you. But the weird thing is that guys and girls both enjoy that sort of thing.
Kinda makes me laugh. Just a little bit.

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