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Oh i'm with you now..... "My bad"
i thought you meant he had something to do with both that's why there's similarities! LOL


Respectfully: what does that really have to do with my point, though? You talked about the lack of testicles to do something they've done -- not about the lack of testicles to something you don't find boring. Marvel's hairy danglers are at the forefront of serious-minded female comic heroes, whether we're talking about pre-MCU or not.


Slow day....... That's all that weed!


Ha! Nope.
RL is a douchenozzle, and I'm sure Deadpool was just a goof that happened to work out in his favor.
As much as I dislike the guy and every iteration of him, I have to admit his finger has always been on the lower common denominator of comic fans.


LOL Yeah totally agree!
Alot of crap.....


Yeah cause the teen titans and Aquaman or Cyborg aren't big characters at all. Also idk where you get the Black Canary/Black Widow comparison finally when characters are made within a few months there's a good chance there not copies but if you wanna go that way let's go cause:
Winter Soldier- Captain America Vol.5 #1(January 2005)
Red Hood(Jason Todd)-Batman #635(February 2005)
Man Thing-Savage Tales #1(May 1971)
Swamp Thing- House of Secret #92(July 1971)
Thin Man- Mystic Comics #4(July 1940)
Elongated Man-The Flash vol. 1, #112 (May 12, 1960)
Human Torch(original)-Marvel Mystery Comics #1(October 1939)
Red Tornado- Justice League of America #64(August 1968)
Blonde Phantom- All Select Comics #11(Fall 1946)
Black Canary- Flash Comics #86(August 1947)
Electro-The Amazing Spider-Man #9 (Feb. 1964)
Black Lightning- Black Lightning(Aprtil 1977)
Crossbones-Captain America #360 (November 1989)
Bane-Batman: Vengeance of Bane #1 (January 1993)
Nick Fury-Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #1 (May 1963)
Amanda Waller-Legends #1 (November 1986)
Scarlett Witch-The X-Men #4 (March 1964)
Zatanna- Hawkman #4 (November 1964).


All I said is marvel (mcu) hasn't had the balls to have any female lead movies. You started bringing up jessica jones and netflix, I had no idea you were using it as a defence for marvel, I thought you were comparing it to wonderwoman. If you think Jessica Jones had any hand in the new success of femalw lead superhero movies you're off your rocker. If you think a netflix series gives marvel a leg to stand on with them being scared to have a female superhero lead a movie you're seriously delusional. A netflix series isn't a risky move at all.


a female lead movie isn't risky either hell now its more profitable to have female leads than males


Batman and Superman!
It's going to stick for a loooong time!


Carol SHOULD have had a movie as Warbird.  I really dislike her version of Captain Marvel.


As I've said before, EVERY superhero is a variation of Superman or Batman, in some way, shape or form.


I didn't say it was a risk.
To be clear: are you completely handwaiving Jessica Jones and its impact on future female-lead [superhero] movies? I'm guessing the phrase "any hand" indicates you meant it was completely inconsequential to the genre.
Also to be clear: you didn't realize that "It could easily be argued that it was Marvel that stepped up the female superhero game with Jessica Jones." was a defense for Marvel, and had nothing to with a movie I only mentioned because it started shooting the day after JJ debuted?
Just for funsies:


The phantom stranger - Phantom Stranger #1 (August–September 1952)
Scarlett witch - The X-Men #4 (March 1964)
***{ "Steve Trevor"  - All Star Comics #8 (December 1941)
United States Air Force
Central Intelligence Agency
United States Army Air Service
Office of Strategic Services
"Nick fury" - Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #1 (May 1963)
Skilled military strategist
Skilled armed and unarmed combatant
Longevity via Infinity Formula }***
Beast boy - The Doom Patrol #99 (November 1965)
Reptil - Avengers the initiative (2009)
Cat women - Batman #1 (1940)
Black cat - The Amazing Spider-Man #194 (July 1979)
KG beast - Batman #417 (March 1988)
Omega red - X-Men #4 (vol. 2, January 1992)
The Spector - More fun comics #52 (february 1940)
The living tribunal - Strange tales #157 (June 1967)
Doom patrol - My Greatest Adventure #80 (June 1963)
Xmen -     The X-Men #1 (September 10, 1963)
Green lantern - All-American Comics #16 (July 1940)
Doctor Spectrum - Avengers #69 (Nov. 1969)
John Constantine - The Saga of Swamp Thing #37 (June 1984)
Pete Wisdom -     Excalibur vol.1 #86 (February 1995)
Winter soldier and red hood!?


Red Hood and WInter Soldier- two sidekicks of the hero that later come back as enemies and then reformed into allies again. Idk where you got the Phantom Stranger/Scarlett Witch thing from though or how you got Steve Trevor and Fury because they were both in some form of the military which is kind of like comparing him to Captain America(who came out before Steve Trevor by the way and I thought you said go for bigger named rip offs but alright you wanna go for small guys like Pete Wisdom and Spectrum let's do this.
Wasp-Tales to Astonish #44 (June 1963)
Bumblebee-Teen Titans #45 (December 1976)
Vision(Original)-Marvel Mystery Comics #13 (November 1940)
Martian Manhunter-Detective Comics #225 (Nov. 1955)
Namora-Marvel Mystery Comics #82 (May 1947)
Mera-Aquaman #11 (September 1963)
Mephisto-The Silver Surfer #3(December 1968)
Trigon- The New Teen Titans #2(February 1981)
Elektra-Daredevil #168(January 1981)
Cheshire-New Teen Titans Annual #2(August 1983)
Ghost Rider-Marvel Spotlight #5(August 1972)
The Atomic Skull-Adventures of Superman #483(October 1991)
Now we could keep going but my point here has only been to say DC has copied off Marvel before they rip off each other it isn't just one having all the original ideas


That's Female lead TV series Fox, NBC,  and Netflix have being that for  along time now. Sure women Leading the cast in TV series has been going back to Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman. Probably even before that!? Marvel didn't think a female could lead a big budget Movie and weren't willing to chance it.


I've never heard it said to be the best I think it'll be good though


Yeah: Elektra was a $45M budget compared to Daredevil's $75M. In comparison, Supergirl in 1984 (two decades earlier) was $35M compared to Superman 3's budget of $40M. Nobody's really broken the bank until Wonder Woman... although it should be noted that she "only" got $150M compared to SS's $175M, and Man of Steel's $225M budget, and BvS's $300M budget.
"Marvel didn't think a female could lead a big budget Movie and weren't willing to chance it."
I can't agree with this. Not saying you're wrong (you may be 100% correct!) but you've gone from facts to assumptions. I have my doubts mainly because Marvel has shown a propensity not only for planning and executing, but also for an inclusive mindset.
Just for the heck of it: Nobody thought an R-rated costume flick would work, either... until it did. I daresay that -- even though I'm sure it was already deep in works at the time -- some of the greenlight came from the popularity of Daredevil. People realized there IS a market for adults-only films like these.


Kickass and watchmen were both rated R. They were long before Deadpool and Logan. Marvel did not know rated R would work which is why both had low budget compared to other CBM. They knew costume rated r movies don't go down well so were weary with money.


Do you notice how you did not refute any of my points?
"He thought of him as an alien, who could just destroy humanity whenever he chose to"
1 - But he acknowledged he had a mother.
2 - He keeps being an alien who could just destroy humanity whenever he chose to, with or without a mother.
3 - some minutes later Batman blows up several persons without a second thought. Human people who he knew for sure had mothers.
Also, they are simple criminals, not super powered beings who could "wipe out the entire human race", and yet he does not seem to think they deserve the same mercy he just gave a being who could.
Batman's character in this movie is inconsistent.


Or it simply is and you are stubborn. Ad hominem arguments won't make you be right.


"But the rumour going around that it's the MCU best movie to date is totally false........"
Based on what? It's a subjective opinion, so it can be the MCU best movie to date for someone. That doesn't mean you have to agree.
Also, how can you affirm it's not if you have not seen it?


So, Superman could exterminate the entire human race but somehow deserves more mercy than common thugs that could not? Think.

Posts: 22

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Forum Oi! → Cinema & TV → Deadpool comics make yet another BvS joke

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