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I can deliver an insult wrapped in a ribbon or in a pile of dogshit.
The later is just more honest. And as we are here on ethics...
Now finally good night people.


You actually know very little about "my" arguments and have absolutely no standing to judge them as disingenuous.
I didn't lose the election.  Please stop saying that.  Trump has a 37% approval rating - meaning the majority of Americans do not approve of his "performance".
I am calling the President a childish moron and failed human being because of his life's performance, his failure to develop his own intellect, and his life priorities as evidenced by what I know of his history, his relationships, his 'work'.  He has literally no qualification or suitability for the job he is being paid to do.
Trump has accomplished nothing of "value".  Extracting money out of the rest of us isn't an "accomplishment" to be proud of.  He is just a greedy megalomaniac who has (mis) spent his life pursuing "stuff" that he doesn't need, doesn't want and doesn't have time to use - and he continues to serve himself even while being paid to lead.  The best description of Trump was from Vanity Fair "he is a cheap imitation of what rich looks like".
Zero humility.  Zero sacrifice - ever.  Zero compassion.  Zero understanding.
Not much to look up to there.


"YOUR INPUT HAS NO VALUE".  Talk about intellectual dishonesty.
Somehow I doubt you would be able to recognize critical analysis if you tripped over it - which you in fact just did.
Sheesh.  A "true believer", you are - in some pretty dumb fantasies.  But whatever.


You're openly partisan, and that's fine. Just don't pretend to be making critical analysis of things like the WWE meme. You are incapable of approaching these issues from an intellectually honest standpoint.
As I said before, Trump has accomplished more than you and every ancestor you have, combined. You seriously and literally could not even dream of reaching the heights that he has achieved. It is beyond your conception.
I am genuinely sorry if that makes you mad!


Sorry! This is not a safe space for moronic arguments. If input has no value, I will say so. Yours is lacking.


I think you finally understood.
You may attack an argument, but telling a person that his/her input has no value is a vile ad personam.


Look kid, I have MORE than I need or will ever use in my life time too.
Imagining that Trump has achieved anything of value - at all - certainly is beyond my conception.
The qualities, I value are wisdom, understanding, humility, sacrifice, empathy, maturity, literacy, compassion, consideration, sympathy..  Someone who has broad capacity to comprehend complexity, nuance, subtlety.  None of which has been demonstrated by Trump.  Or you.
I genuinely feel sorry that you don't seem to grasp what "meaning" is, or what "value" is.


Your statement was that to your mind, both the Griffin video, and the Trump video, were both entertainment. I am challenging you on that point. You want me to make a statement? The Griffin video was done, OBVIOUSLY, as an incitement to hatred, if not violence. SOME PEOPLE find that kind of thing entertaining. Perhaps that is what you meant.




Apparently this has been a safe space for your moronics.  Given your input is "lacking", I am done here.
Have the last word if you must - you certainly haven't been able to convey a POV to date.  Maybe you can conjure one once I am gone.
Shrug.  Whateva.


No, I completely reject that idea. You were totally out of line in insulting me, and nothing will justify it. I thought you were going to bed? Sleep off your rage, because it is ironic to use invective on an ethics board. Bye!


Ok, Zen Master. You enjoy that immensely fulfilling life!


I'll miss your lame justifications for your friend having used an insult for no reason. Happy trails!


You are incapable of approaching these issues from an intellectually honest standpoint.

Psychological projection from a true (libertarian) believer convinced with certitude that his partisanship is based on the truth.


The Griffin video was done, OBVIOUSLY, as an incitement to hatred, if not violence.
Did you take her really that literally, that is quite sensitive! I´d say she adressed mainly leftists.
Sometimes being one of these, we may trust my judgement on how this message was broadly received under "us"? Thanks. With very ugly visual vocabulary she said: He must be removed from office.
I can´t think of one who sharpened his knives after seeing her vid.
The imagery of the video was disgusting nonetheless.
To save me from being too sensitive about Trumps message, can you please in return explain to me how we should understand it, that the President tweets a video showing him beating up a figurative journalist? What is the exact message and why did it need to be delivered in this ugly visual vocabulary?


That's a vile post. Refraining from "course language" is false piety. Pious hypocrisy on the ethics channel is rich irony.


without the "the"?


Trump as "elected leader of the free world" is worthy of a helluva lot worse insult rather than being called an Arschloch.


As an abbreviated form of "See you later."


Arg :-) really too late if I miss already this...
Later mate!


Quite accurate. Telling someone his/her input has no value in taking unethical assholishness to new depths.


Mother Teresa?


Mary Anning (21 May 1799 – 9 March 1847)


Particularly when the "no value" comment is only because he was unable to articulate a coherent defense, didn't like to be challenged, and is left to disparage anyone who disagrees with him.
I let it go the first time, but meuthos brought it back up - so I tried to explain it to dude.  Thick as a brick, he appears to be.
Oh well.


That dude's a libertarian Trump supporter.
Consider the source, eh?


It wasn't a fcking assassination threat. For a librarian, you are not very smart. Go sort books. It also is not a fcking "already-established meme."
Bad taste by a comedian is equivalent to threats against the free press by a president?
Are you sure you are a librarian?


How was Kathy Griffin unethical? Bad taste is not necessarily unethical.

Many use coarse language and insults on a daily basis.

Don't tell me. I this the "locker room talk" excuse again?
Trump's unethical behavior is not about naughty language. It  is only b y dishonestly framing the question that way that you have any leg to stand on. I think you are knowingly lying here. That is unethical.
And don't tell me you are a librarian! I don't believe you.


OK, so he is a librarian. Are we supposed to be impressed or something?


Er spricht Deutsch als Muttersprache und fließend Englisch.


Any evidence that "bigotry" is at an all time high? I know from information I have seen, that anti-semitism is increasing everywhere Muslims are immigranting. I COULD show that if I felt like doing the homework, which I don't currently

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Forum Oi! → Chit-Chat → Griffin part III

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