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At this point Gal ain't the only thing with Legs lol


WW has already beaten SS and BvS in terms of profit.


this (and all of DEU) shows that people love diversity in tone of movies.. the DCEU is the perfect opposite of marvel and despite DC's struggle "critically" , people showed that they want something different regardless.
and imo, this movie would of made just as much without the critical claim.. it's Wonder woman for crying out loud! lol.


domestically maybe worldwide BvS grossed over 800 million


Gross != profit.
WW then BvS then SS.  Worldwide.


ok so gross = profit then right now WW has grossed about 710 million so that still BvS ahead of it by more than a hundred million and Suicide Squad by 30 million


Gross != profit.
Gross = boxoffice. Profit = boxoffice - cost.


actually Wonder Woman kind of proves people want to see the same


Dude, what the hell are you blathering on about? None of us are friggin accountants. The final box office NUMBERS is what the OP was referring to.


The boxoffice as a measure of the success of a movie is useless as they do not take into account the cost. None of these films are made for free. That might be what you are missing here.  It is certainly what the OP has missed.
As a point of interest, the studio only gets to keep 50% of the boxoffice numbers anyhow. And that is taken after the capslock (so convincing). And yes, they do have accountants.
WW is running somewhere ~334mm in profit.
BvS is 248mm
SS is third at 133mm.
That you don't understand how it works is not the same as no one knowing.


same as what? same as the rest of the DCEU?.. because WW has all the DCEU elements into her story , the only difference is .. wait for it... it's WONDER WOMAN!.


Oh My Fu__ing God. Are you autistic or something?
Wonder Woman will not out gross BvS. Period.


actually most of the critics said Wonder Woman was so great cause it pushed away from the whole dark and gritty vibe of MoS and BvS and praised it for having a more light hearted tone I think one guy even compared it to the first Captain America movie so it seems like what people liked so much was it was different from the DCEU


Please don't ruin a good thing.

Posts: 14

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Forum Oi! → Cinema & TV → WW crosses $700 million World Wide

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