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Well she is an Avenger, and they are gonna need all the help they can get against Thanos and his mighty chair


Wonder what Fury's been up to since Age of Ultron, chilling in Tahiti?


This rumor should be verified ASAP so I can officially say:


Could he be the original capt marvel?


Nick Fury is always best when he's unpowered.


It's a magical place.
Speaking of Nick, I gotta admit I'm somewhat curious about what's going on with SHIELD.
It was my understanding, from The Avengers, that SHIELD answered to "The World Security Council."  This seemed to continue into Cap: TWS, although it was discovered that SHIELD was harboring HYDRA and pretty much collapsed.  From AoS, SHIELD went "underground" for Season 2 & 3.  Nick returned in Age of Ultron, but the Avengers appear to be no longer a part of SHIELD and are now a division of Stark Industries.  Nick appears to be working for the Avengers, as we see him meeting with Nat and talking about the Tech Boys in the Avengers base in upstate New York.  In AoS Season 4, SHIELD appeared to return though it now seemed as though it was run by the US Government.  Of course, at the end of Season 4, it appears that the heroes of AoS are no longer on Earth, so maybe they're just getting them out of the way for what happens in the movies.


Fury's last connection to SHIELD seems to have been his acquisition of helicarriers for Age of Ultron.  Both the underground and official phases of AoS SHIELD after that happened without him.


Idk wouldn't Agent Brand fit more in this film?


I am more excited about Black Panther now really. Captain Marvel....well, one at a time.


Ahhhh.... I am not that excited until they can confirm some Kree characters in this movie.
I know they are gonna change stuff, but one thing has to stay. Carol has to be somehow connected to the Kree.
Nick Fury, well, not a necessaty, but a nice addition.


I'd like to see the Kree lore expanded upon...the factions. .the fanatics like Ronan's followers.
I'd like her origin close to cannon...mainly to see Cosmic Marvel grow aside from Gotg3.
It could grow more organically.

Posts: 11

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Forum Oi! → Cinema & TV → [UPDATE] Samuel L. Jackson Co-Starring In Captain Marvel?

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