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I find one of the things interesting about gold is that its intrinsic value as an element is worth less than its decorative value, as in this cross.
Contrast gold with the element uranium, whose intrinsic value exceeds its decorative value, and the psychological projection humans place on gold reveals itself.


Great post, thank you! Byzantine crosses and icons are as breathtakingly beautiful as they are meaningful.
In the future, I'd love to see some posts on the historical effects of "The Great Schism".
Again, thank you!


Similar can be said of diamonds.


For sure.  There's a glut of those.  But unlike gold, diamonds can be artificially created.


And thank you (:
I think Orthodox culture is the most beautiful of the Christian faith. Coptic is even more intriguing to me.
I'll have to brush up on a little research before I make a thread on the Schism.


I believe that, aside from simply a matter of beauty, gold embodies eternity.  Gold won't rust or tarnish.  It doesn't chip or break, but rather can be hammered, melted, formed into jewelry, coins, ornaments, etc. This smacks of immortality and has a psychological appeal to people, as though by holding the gold, one can hold a piece of immortality.  Or maybe that's all just complete overanalyzing BS and folks just like it's heft, appearance, and value.


I think you're right. The malleability of gold is why it's so popular.


Yes, Copts are indeed intriguing and if we're not careful, they'll disappear! They hold incredible religious and historical value.

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Forum Oi! → Chit-Chat → The Byzantine Processional Cross

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