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Quality healthcare should be available free of charge to all who genuinely require it.
Er ... government decisions are moral decisions ... really?
Who came up with that li'l gem?


The U.S. is the last developed Western nation not to offer universal healthcare to its citizens. That should--and has to--change.
You can even come at this from a utilitarian perspective: the more who receive healthcare, the fewer who spread around preventable/treatable illnesses. Without private insurance companies enabling the pharmaceutical industry to hike up drugs/treatments to astronomic prices, universal healthcare will make healthcare cheaper overall. Also, those with debilitating illnesses who live in nations where universal healthcare is the policy tend to live far longer than those with the same illnesses in America. Universal healthcare is beneficial to everyone.
Also just coming from a humanitarian standpoint, it's simply what's right. In our society, healthcare is completely out of reach for many among us--the very poor, those who have jobs but receive no benefits, etc. Fewer and fewer positions offer health insurance, particularly as many mega corporations are phasing out full-time employees in favor of part-time, cheap labor unentitled to benefits. The way it's going, especially with the prospect of economic mobility ever decreasing and the middle class nearly nonexistent; healthcare will soon only be affordable to the relatively wealthy--a growing minority.
I could go on for hours about this topic; this cause is very dear to me. But I think I covered most of my bases.


So you hate taxes. Tough. You still have to pay 'em or lease your tuchis to Bubba in the next cell. Your call.


Healthcare is a business performed for profit and headed by government lobbyists and cronies.


First a qualification, in a forum such as this any thing described is going to be an overly simplified solution to a complex problem. I'm offering a general concept.
If I could wave a magic wand I'd have one healthcare system available to all. Government would be required to tax sufficiently to provide medical care for all. There would be a provision for personal responsibility however. Anyone could lose their government care and be pushed out to pay for their own care if they failed to follow medical advice.
I've read studies that place noncompliance as a major medical problem. Upwards of 70 to 75% of patients admit to failing to take medications as directed. We also have serious lifestyle issues with our population, 15% smoking, 8% abusing alcohol, 7% abusing drugs, 50% overweight, 30% obese. The rule would be you stay on the "free" government plan as long as you do as your doctor directs. Ignore his or her directions and you're removed from the national plan and have to pay or provide for yourself.


Unfortunately taxes are the price of living in a society. It's not as much theft as it is a trade. Society offers services and protections, if we don't want them the only alternative is to move outside that society's borders where we are completely on our own.


Public education is theft, I don't have kids, therefore no taxes should go to children.
Social Security is theft.  The poor are more likely to die before they'll ever collect what they pay into it, therefore it is theft.
Police forces are theft.  I own a gun and therefore expect me to protect myself.
The military industrial complex is theft.  My gun doesn't need to shoot anyone across an ocean for some other guy's business interests.
Oil subsidies are theft.  I re engineered my car to bio diesel and set up solar panels on my house, this energy isn't benefitting me.
Socialized housing is theft.  I make enough that I can pay rent or to buy property and pay taxes.
Increased socialized housing benefits due to kids is theft.  See the last one now combine for someone childless having to pay for not only someone else's kids education but their housing because this person was apparently too poor or religious to buy condoms.
The Securities and Exchange commission is theft.  If someone doesn't play the stock market, why should their taxes ensure it's played fairly?
The prison system is theft.  I don't know that person... why should my taxes pay for their guards, food, housing, library, potential education, health care, and shower rapes?
The fact that gambling is illegal is theft.  First off the state gets to run its own lotto, I should be able to set up a numbers running operation.  Also I universally win every bet.  This is just protecting people who lose at gambling from becoming so destitute they turn to crime... and stealing from me to do it.
Fire departments are theft.  I've installed an automatic residential sprinkler system with a fire pump instead of a fire department connection and keep my housing structure to noncombustible construction and only store noncombustible items, why should I pay for that guy's wood house filled with paper storage to not burn to the ground while he and his family sleep?
We have a lot of government agencies and policies that don't universally benefit us that we pay for.  We do because they benefit society.  We want that poor kid educated and housed so he can earn his own money and doesn't want to take it from you.
We also want him healthy so he doesn't think he or his wife or his kid will die if he doesn't take it from you.  Because a lot of people will be willing to do anything to a stranger if it can help their family in need.
Capitalism does in part mean that you get to screw over that guy in the name of your own wealth.
But capitalist socieities that recognize a correlation between poverty and crime rates also should note that if you don't give them from the top, they will take it from the bottom.


So if mandatory 2 year conscription was a thing you'd be cool with socialized life time health care?

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Forum Oi! → Chit-Chat → Morality of healthcare.

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