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Forum Oi! → Chit-Chat → Are Zombies a social construct based on barbarian invasions from our past?

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I don't think that anyone in Hollywood  cares about Rome or Gothic tribes,but you are right that there are many similarities between the two.


All our monsters are, to some extent, reflections of our fears.  And you could make a pretty good case that our current crop of zombies has its roots in "Invasion of the Body Snatchers".  Your own family has been turned into mindless killers, and if they don't eat you, they'll convert you.
Now, "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" was Cold War propaganda, and the Cold War is over.  So what gives?
What gives is the modern media.  Or more specifically, the information bubbles that we can now exist in.  Everyone knows someone who lives in a universe that just doesn't agree with your idea of reality, and they can't be talked out of it.  We live in a universe where someone shoots up a pizza restaurant, and the relative wisdom of that is debatable.
No one today is literally scared of the barbarians coming over the seventh hill... but metaphorically?  If you're not scared, you weren't paying attention, and you don't credit your opposition as anything other than mindless zombies.
No professional disrespect intended, Zom.


I can see that. The Cold War likely had some influence on zombie flicks. A person converting to some viral evil sounds a lot like someone converting to communist terrorism. I guess zombies can be whatever evil you want them to be.


True. Perhaps just invasion in general then.


the modern zombie was born with night of the living dead..and it had elements of racial tension in it as well as the subtle implications of people being converted to monsters, much like mr. jim has said. if we look at sci-fy literatre. does the vincient price movie /book predate that. of course the pod peole concept also fed that. how far back in books or magazines does this go? lots of fear and paranoia in the mid to late 60's for fuel. now days i see way more attitudes that the black people are going to rise up like zombies and attack societys, its even in some mainstream literature in some churches.. why do you think there are so many real weapons being sold to buyers,, all pretty much right wing types? just look online. guns, with zombie logos stamped in ,, machetes, you name it.


Both are a reflection of primordial archetypes long buried in our so called brains. The denial of the nature of our primitive subconscious leads to Zombies and Trumps.


Well, vampires are parasites upon the living, same goes for zombies, and today's "refugees" can fall into the same category.


Or Clintons, and other political parasites.


There are a lot of zombie stuff at gun stores.


Probably they just thought,,Invasions are cool,let's create  undead walking creatures and make an invasion with them".

Posts: 10

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Forum Oi! → Chit-Chat → Are Zombies a social construct based on barbarian invasions from our past?

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