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Did the son of Prescott Bush ever buy his own groceries?  I don't think so.
That's not say that he never got his hands dirty.  The man was a Navy pilot who earned his wings and got shot down in battle.  He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but he paid his dues.
Unlike his kids.
This particular incident was a PR stunt gone wrong, as they sometimes go.  Nothing herein was relevant to the job he was seeking.


Well from the history ive read from the early '90s i wouldnt consider Bush Sr incompetant since he quickly took action against Iraq when they invaded Kuwait.
well i wouldnt say that he's out of touch either at the supermarket i mean im sure his housekeeper / maid that cooked his meals did all the grocery shopping for him and Barbara.
its great to see him and his wife still alive at 90+!
lol i wonder if that photo above was before or after his infamous dining room vomit scene!
wow seems like alot has changed in 25 years dad told me awhile back that he used to be able to smoke INSIDE a supermarket before the early '90s!


Much ado about nothing. No one really thought he did his own grocery shopping anyway.


Much like today.


I vidvidly remember Bush I going to the grocery store when that happened and he was amazed. I didn't think much of it because I assumed that most high level Gov't Officials didn't shop in grocery stores so it wasn't a big deal to me. I remember a "gotcha" question when they asked Bush (if I remember correctly) how much a gallon of milk cost and he had no idea.
Anyway, Bush, when elected, was pretty popular. He was a centrist. But he screwed himself with his "Read my lips. No new taxes". He was dead after that.


A prez should never ever ever make a promise involving taxation. They can't predict that sh*t so they'd be better off not talking about it.


Once again you are wrong. Do you make it a point to continue to spew nonsense or is it a paid position for you?
I factually pointed out the cause of the alleged malaise from Carter and it was due to the Nixon shenanigan's with the US dollar, the gold standard and republican dealings with communists.
The ensuing inflation rolled over Carter and every POTUS since has had to deal with the aftermath/mess! What part of that is so difficult for you to grasp?


All of it beacuse it's all crap.
Inflation roared under Carter. Over 10% in his last two years in office. Unemployment was over 7% for most of his Presidency.
Interest rates topped 15%!
Reagan came to office under a HUGE mandate to turn the Country around and that he did!
Inflation basically stopped. Now it did take Reagan awhile to get the unemployment rate down because of Carter but he did. Reagan employed huge tax cuts that resulted in more tax dollars going to the Gov't. He almost doubled federal tax revenues during his 8 years. (I figured you would have liked that part).
Reagan returned pride to Americans and respect from foreign countries. He ended the cold war with Russia and he freed the German people.
A great American and a great President!


Having been a manager for a few decades, I can imagine how much harder it would have been if I could NOT fire those who worked for me.
Your Messiah, the last POTUS set the benchmark for making a fool of himself and making the United States a global laughingstock.  Unless Warren or Sanders are elected, that benchmark will stand for generations.


1. The President is not a king. Congress and the courts do not "work for him." It is very important to our form of government that he cannot fire them. A successful president must be able to persuade and work among peers since he can't just dismiss them. Donald Trump does not have that ability.
2. If you think Trump has improved America's prestige or influence compared to Obama, you're deluding yourself. Major powers are now ignoring America as unreliable and acting without us.

Posts: 10

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Forum Oi! → Chit-Chat → George H.W. Bush and the Supermarket

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