So two things here.......
You don't know if you don't try
Don't make assumptions about others


Hello again!
Is it ethical for someone who is aware of this bias's [...] to not
examine their feelings of competence [...] to ensure that they aren't suffering from this bias?
Is someone ethically responsible for falling to a cognative bias such as
this? Do they become responsible upon learning about the bias?

I`d like to combine these. Self imposed nonage is no excuse for ethical questionable behaviour. We have the ability to reason, hence we are responsible for our blindness as well as for not realizing our own blindness.


I'm describing my workplace now. I have people hiding in the bathroom for 30 minutes playing on their phone. I have employees who hide in the warehouse and watch movies on their phones. Many kids feel it's OK to smoke a joint before work. You know, smoking pot helps with work anxiety.


In many other jobs, they are not fired, and often get promoted, in order to get them off the team. In the military, when someone is incompetent, they often get promoted to a higher position (they call it being "kicked upstairs")


Gadz, can't even imagine what the next generation will be like (that's if, God willing, the world is even here anymore).


Wow, that's scary.


In my experience it is fairly common. Many bosses are weak and afraid and incompetent, and refuse to deal with problems directly. I've seen bosses actually give positive job recommendations for poor employees, in order to get them off their team.


So, in all seriousness, what do you envision for the next generation(s) with everything you're seeing today?


Wow, that's an interesting question. I don't know. It seems many jobs that require non-seated work will suffer. I find that many of the current college grads want to sit down all day. For some jobs, that is fine, but I need people who are willing to work on their feet. I took some interns to the field to show them my testing procedures, and they sat on the dirt, because it was too hard for them to stand.


Scripture warns that the people of this world are being corralled into a one-world government and religion.  Don't want to turn this into a religious debate, but it looks and sounds to me like the younger generations especially are being primed for precisely that.  I mean, another thing I've noticed is that it seems like they're being set up to fail from the time they finish college - so many of them already in the hole with debt by the time they graduate, yet they've been raised in such a way that they their phones and laptops are their top priorities in life.


And I've seen some of that throughout my career. Not too much, though, because the work's too hard to attract slackers.