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I guess that's where they got the swastika from


They borrowed it from Asia, correct. Although I think that was before the trip to Tibet.


Cool story!
Tons of drinking, random outbursts of guns, Swastika cult research! Woooo Weeeee!
Is this how the Trumpanzee cult was founded?


Yeah it sounded like quite a party.


Ah, the lighter side of genocidal maniacs.


Oh, those zany Nazis! It seems to me that, properly cultivated, there's material here for a sitcom. There are enough content-hungry cable channels, you should be able to sell it to someone.


Recently seen a documentary about this and the role of Karl Hopenheimer.


its like 3 hours long,, and it was made by a big theatre troop. its absolutely brilliant. it got me into indian hystory, and mythos, and philosophy. big time.ive had a hard time finding it online, or on disc.. but its really worth the cost..

Posts: 8

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Forum Oi! → Chit-Chat → Nazis in Tibet

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