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So I don't really understand if the upcoming animated film is part of the MCU or not? It may mean that Miles could pop up in live action at some point.


Donald Glover? Miles Morales??? WTH


It's really confusing but its confirmed that he will be in the 2018 animated film (that's all i got). Second, Marvel makes animated Movies??? Like for kids or is it like the DC ones


Feel like they're going to overplay their hand with Miles too much, and it's going to end up flopping on them.
You have several online outlets posting crap about how Peter "needs to die" so Miles can be Spider-Man. Before the new continuity even comes out.


The animated film will not be part of the MCU.


Yer he's like old enough to be Mile's dad.


Probably for kids


Miles Morales shouldn't become Spider-Man until after Peter passes the torch to him having to Spider-Man around the same age doing superhero X at almost the exact same time it's just going to confuse both the audience and the people in universe.
that's not even mentioning how after they started getting more political miles Morales and pretty much all of Marvels "diversity minded" characters have gone downhill. Just look at the recent controversy with Riri Williams pretty much pissing everyone off
But of course Marvel has to keep virtue signaling about how diverse they are they don't want anyone to call them racist so they have to be inclusive. Who cares if it doesn't make sense within the context of the story!


Ahh yes, The Incredible Inclusion-man


That's good, although it would be great if they could resolve the cliffhanger of who Miles Morales is on Earth 616, the "Oh my god" from Peter is not enough we want an answer!!! (And yes I know we will eventually get it)


Ware is peter Parker in Iron Man 2?
Not sure if it is a joke by Tom Holland, the director and Keven but they are retconing this kid is Peter Parker


Well, he exists in the MCU.  Just like he exists on Earth-616.  But that doesn't make him Spiderman.


I wan to see the M2 with Spider Girl and her lady friends before i see Miles


Is he tho....? I mean if they can throw pancake makeup on Arnold and march him out as the terminator still then let Troy Barnes play Morales ;-) lol


Still a 33 year old man playing a 14 year old boy that would be just weird.


The #SixSeasonsAndAMovie crowd would go watch... then again there wasn't enough of us to keep Community on the air lol


A movie About Miles Morales becoming the next Spiderman would be an awesome addition to the MCU. The team ups would be hard, but not impossible in my opinion.


I think the little boy with the Iron Man Helmet in Iron Man 2 could be a young Peter Parker or a younger version of the Iron Man Masked bank robber in Spiderman Homecoming. The second one seems more likely, in my opinion.

Posts: 18

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Forum Oi! → Cinema & TV → [UPDATE] Kevin Feige Confirms Miles Morales is Part of the MCU

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