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They did a lot of funny stuff, not sure how they would make the science fiction, but I guess could be a nice movie.


They originally wrote the treatment for Flash


"What will happen next for Lord and Miller isn’t clear but they are in demand and have an open berth waiting for them to direct The Flash for Warner Bros., if they chose to take it"


So they can quit 3/4 of the way through The Flash too? Anyone know what Ron Howard's schedule looks like for the next few years?


They didn't leave...they were fired because Disney and Lucas didn't like the tone and direction they were taking it


I haven't seen any of the films they have directed. I'm not sure why they are so sought after, but I guess they're able to make films that make us fall in love with the characters? That's what I think WB is looking for right now after the success of WW (and factoring in also the positive reactions to Diana and Batman in BvS, and the characters in SS). And of course to beat a hasty retreat from the "grimdark tone." I think JL will still have that dark, ominous edge, but they'll "fun it up" as well. But after that we're not going to see anything nearly as ambitious artistically as what Snyder attempted with BvS.


I enjoy the films they did like The Lego movie and the 21 Jump Street films


Doesn't that kind of concern you though? It's not like Disney, Kathleen Kennedy and Lawrence Kasdan didn't have an idea about what they wanted the Han Solo movie to be before they were hired, and it's not like that direction wouldn't have been discussed frequently. If Lord and Miller were doing their own thing, instead of making the movie the people paying them wanted them to make, to the point that they got fired, why should DC trust them to make the movie DC wants them to make with The Flash? I dunno, I guess for me, its a case of fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me...


But the type of film they direct fits the Flash pretty well and it's clear that if all they have to do is say yes then WBs knows they are a good not only have they worked with WBs before but they also wrote the original treatment for Flash


Also the day it was announced they were leaving The Han Solo film...rumors broke they were already in talks with WBs...DC and WBs has clearly put a lot of thought into this


I don't know. Whedon might be the DCEU's resident Receiver of Sloppy Seconds now.


If their vision of the Flash is what DC is looking for, then no worries. My questioning of them is the fact that they appeared to be unwilling to work with Kathleen Kennedy and Lawrence Kasdan at Disney-Lucasfilm to make a Han Solo movie that "fit" within the overall context and tone. From what I have read, under Lord and Miller, the Han Solo movie became nothing but a bunch of ad-libbed comedy routines, full of unnecessary gags. I'm pretty old school about currently existing properties and maintaining continuity. From what I read, they completely tossed that out with Han Solo.


Zack has described the DCEU as a "sandbox for directors"..WBs will let them do the way they want...hell they will probably just use the original treatment they wrote


Meh still want Zemeckis.


Meh still want Zemeckis.

Posts: 15

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Forum Oi! → Cinema & TV → Lord and Miller say The Flash is theirs if they say yes

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