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This!!!! https://uploads.disquscdn.c...


You and null should get a room already. Enough with the flirting.




I never actually punched a recruit in the balls. I massaged them a few times though..


You have big ass-fingers? That's a rather extraordinary visual Picasso. lol Probably makes wiping less of a chore.
I've never had the patience for stalkers, as you can see from my immediate ban when disrespecting a veteran's service, but that's easier on my own channel than elsewhere. One reason I parted company with Kim deFrance was her tolerance for that behavior, which turned her channel into a breeding ground for the vulgar class. That's been a while, though. I always liked her, and I hope she someday figures it out, if she hasn't already, that being all inclusive means stray animals shitting in your living room. Maybe she has, though. Again, it's been a while.


Massage? I'm sensing a double entendres on the order of a "police call," or a "press conference," or "Kiwi College." Lol


She was okay for a slant.




Just a little harmless fun between papa bear and his cubs.


I'm guessing a Marine massage involves a blanket party and a trip through a clothes dryer?


Youre getting warm.


She think all Amelicans rook arike.


Well, there's a million different ways to kick a man's ass that could be euphemised as a massage. I'm pretty sure it involves some kind of beating short of murder, but that's a pretty big field.


You're getting cold again.


My final guess is getting body punched a lot, probably as discipline beyond PT, but short of administrative.


It's not OJ, check his profile.


Just FYI, he got back on impersonating you, and air banned him again.


Agreed. This particular person is banned from a channel setup by a young man currently in the sandbox with 3 and a wake-up left. He set it up as the channel owners, and made about five vets his mods. Guffie came over doxxing a poster,was given 3 chances, got a perma-ban. Come visit someday. You can find it in my history. You would be most welcome.


He is persistent! Wish there was better way to discuss things, without dealing with those with issues.


Well, as long as you're hanging out on my channel you should be okay, as I'm wise to his sh*t now. In fact, I've got a better idea. I'm going to give you the ability to stomp anyone impersonating you on my channel, in case I or SGT W are unavailable.
I'm going to make absolutely sure you are who you say you are, and then give you mod powers on my channel. You're the kind I'd like holding power anyway. All I ask is that you avoid any partisan politics or religious promotion. Outside of veterans issues, it's the one thing I enforce heavily, because like talking about football or cancer, once people start bitching back and forth about Trump and Obama, everything else gets drowned out and the entire world becomes about that.
You'll see mod status on your channel list soon. You won't have any duties, but please don't ban anyone else. Do go ahead and stomp this undisciplined civilian puke any time he rears his head with your username--just let me know when it happens.


Will do, and your channel, your rules. Calling it a night. Talk to you tomorrow. And thanks.


Yes, that was me. Jo and I are old friends, and she knows Guffie well.


You can let others know that an easy way to tell the difference now, without examining profiles with every post, is simply to look for the MOD label next to your name. Any impersonator will not have this.


Yes sir! Was going to sleep, but daughter got hurt, wife sick, so sleep may be fleeting tonight.


It was me. Guffie made a mess, and it got cluttered. Better safe than sorry. He had cloned me again.


You've been added to the TRUSTED USER panel.
Please consider clicking FOLLOW on the channel, and my profile, which you may access by clicking my screen name.


The MOD label should be a real help in others being able to quickly identify you, as well as the ability to stomp that Sierra Club asshole if he shows his ass again...


Thanks for the kind words.


I'm aware. He's been doing this sh*t for at least a year.
One of the major clues you're talking to guffy is that you think you're talking to OJ, and he starts talking like a fag. OJ's clearly not, and guffy's impersonations are there to undermine his image, which he usually does with homo sh*t.

Posts: 29

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Forum Oi! → Chit-Chat → Null!! This is horrible!!!

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