At one time, a bicycle was considered fringe science, and anyone who doesn't believe that, according to Tom Nuttall, sucks c*ck by choice...


Fingerprints of the gods.
fingerprints" of allegedly influenced civilizations, evidence of which Hancock finds in the descriptions of Godmen like Osiris, Thoth, Quetzalcoatl, and Viracocha. These creation myths predate history, and Hancock suggests that in 10,450 BC, a major pole shift took place, before which Antarctica lay farther from the South Pole than today, and after which it shifted to its present location. This earlier civilization theoretically centered on Antarctica, and later survivors built the Olmec, Aztec, Maya and Egyptian civilizations.
And if ya have 3 hours is a good interview


Holy sh*t. I was going to watch it all before posting, but three hours it going to take at least three hours. Just an interesting non-sequitur before doing so. You mention the Aztecs and the Mayans. I recently discovered that Cambridge and Oxford universities predate one and the other.


I'm guessing from fringe intros but also could be from Paranoid Times.


I figure the gigantic word "FRINGE" might have given it away. lol


Is considered a fringe theory/science a lot of people hate him because if what he postulates is true it weakens the case for Climate change. Not sure how, so a lot of people hate him just for that.
I think it is fairly interesting, and his 2nd book was much better then his 1st because on second he teamed up with an actual geologist(some earth science guy)
On a side note I love Joe Rogan, probably one of the most neutral interviewers ever. He has both right wing zealots and left wing crazies on his show and everyone in middle and a lot who are not political at all. Very entertaining and illuminating, and many of his guest come or have fields in what is considered fringe science. Had one guy on who was studying psychedelic drugs and how he was pretty sure he found a way to fix PTSD with magic mushrooms. He say magic mushrooms if used correctly can actually help rewire the brain and help overwrite traumatic events that cause PTSD. Some interesting stuff.


That was a cool show, I miss it.


BioSteel from Spidergoats is a quarter of a century old technology...
<a href="https://forum.com/home/discussion/channel-factsfunandphenomena/biosteel_from_spidergoats_is_a_quarter_of_a_century_old_technology/" rel="nofollow noopener" title="https://forum.com/home/discussion/channel-factsfunandphenomena/biosteel_from_spidergoats_is_a_quarter_of_a_century_old_technology/">https://forum.com/home/dis...</a>


I love sci-fi and fantasy fiction, but Astral Projection is occult. That sh*t I stay away from.


i loved fringe soo mmuch. what agreat show.. i worship walter bishop.. [john noble is such a great actor!] bishop took crazy mad doctor to a new level..
a all time top ten show for me..


Well then, you're going to LOVE this sh*t!
Narrated by Walter Bishop...
<a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=um4ETlaIibU&list=PL95g5ghs11aKyKQgGf3gCqw2FIKjVBlOg" rel="nofollow noopener" title="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=um4ETlaIibU&list=PL95g5ghs11aKyKQgGf3gCqw2FIKjVBlOg">https://www.youtube.com/wat...</a>


ive seen a few episodes,, i think its great. ive read about some of the stuff they talk about on the show.. great weirdness/