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I hope the Veterans Party wins.


The redhead on starship troopers was tasty, id lick her where she pees (not the toilet)!


I hope the new Veterans Party beats the dems and repubs in the next election. I think there's a natural transition between the parties. The large number of republican veterans bring the organization, and the small number of democrat veterans will bring the insistence on education. Some of the issues will just naturally disappear, like immigration. Both will agree that a tour of duty deserves citizenship.


I think what's making it easier for all the dems and repubs to join the party is the advent of dual-party affiliation. Because the Veterans Party is not opposed to either party, it integrates members of both easily. The root of the VP is simply that our country will be run by veterans taking the risk to protect it, and the people aren't opposing it. The party bosses are scared, because they can't seem to find an argument that will work with the members of their party as to why the country should be run be those losing nothing by exploiting and destroying it.


Read what happened in the roman legions 380-440ad you might change your mind of service equals citizenship. Pay particular attention to Alerick.
The VPA would need to press forward with term limits and limits to of power of the government first. Do you have a mission statement or bylaws yet?


Do I have a mission statement or bylaws? This isn't me at all, this is already an established party, and it's already taking over. It's just not widely reported because the media's not going along with it. It's one of those "ignore it until it explodes" mentalities they usually apply to anything important.


Veterans Service Organizations are becoming a serious problem for the government's attempts to f*ck veterans. In fact, apparently the new Veterans Party has backed the Trump administration down from trying to fund the Veterans No-Choice program by screwing old veterans. They had it already in the budget that way, but the Veterans Party changed that.
VA backs off budget proposal to cut benefits for disabled, unemployable vets


I did mean the VPA not you specifically.


Oh I'm sure they do. What I like about the Veterans Party is that it's simple, though. It's based on a basic premise that those who risk their own safety to protect the body politic control it. It's not something that needs a dictionary emptied to understand, like the dems and repubs. It's plain and simple, and not opposing any other party. It's not competitive, but inclusive.
From the massive influx of both dems and repubs into the Veterans Party, it looks like most civilians agree as well.


Apparently Trump isn't Commander in Chief anymore, so maybe even he'll vote for them?


Trump just pissed off every veteran and soldier in the United States by attempting to cut $3 billion directly from disabled, unemployable veterans. They're not interested in the GOP anymore. This will really help our cause. If he wants to vote for us, that's fine, but the Veterans Party supports themselves, not the GOP.


The other bonus if the Vets win is that all the old Roswell UFO guys who were keeping quiet to keep their monthly checks can come out harder than the current Captain Kirk will in about 2023.


At one time both sides of the isle WHERE veterans of either WW2 of Korea, now we just have those that serve only themselves on both sides of the isle.


That's probably the best argument I've ever heard supporting the Veterans Party. That should be carved into the wall of every government building in the US.


...all enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC.

Posts: 15

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Forum Oi! → Chit-Chat → The Veterans Party takes control of the United States Government!

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