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DC, you need to SLOW DOWN. Take time to build up each of these characters slowly in solo films before introducing us to them. Just throwing them at us and expecting us to care, is part of the reason why the audience had such a big backlash to BVS and Squad.


my question is who would play batgril


Pretty sure this is because of Whedon.


Most likely


Synergy. I like it.


Have you read his Wonder Woman script? This is going to be a disaster.


Hahahaha. I actually have it downloaded and have read the first page. The airplane scene, I believe, and it sounded sort of cheesy.


Man, is Superman even in JL?




You mean his pre 3 billion dollar Avengers movies script?


Sounds like something a scared MCU bot/someone with zero experence in Hollywood movie making would say.
Why in the hell would they slow down now that the DCEU is not only making a crap load of money but is also critically acclaimed? I mean....


True for suicide squad all it was was hype because the chracter development was crap.the joker had little screen time,so much potential but they didn't executed it right.


Avengers Age of Ultron was terrible in the way it handled and treated Black Widow as a character. For all his feminist talk he's surprisingly poor at developing female characters. Which is why I'm very worried for Batgirl and Justice League 2 (if he ends up directing).


Money? Yes. Critical acclaim? They didn't have a movie that was rated fresh on Rotten Tomatoes until Wonder Woman and guess what that was a stand-alone movie without any cameos or set up for the future movies.
Look I'm not saying every single thing DC does has to be exactly the way Marvel does it but taking your time to slowly give the audience context, is an absolute necessity when building a Cinematic Universe.
I mean look at the way Universal tried to rush setup for Jekyll and Hyde into a mummy movie instead of focusing on making a good movie for that character.


He's going to show up at the end, and one-shot KO the bad guy every other character was struggling with.


My worst fears have come to reality...... Batgirl in the DCeu!
There is other characters to use other than character names in the opposite gender. Next Marvel will do Miss Captain America and Irongirl.
I think this stuff works in comics but on film i just don't know. There should be either a Batgirl or Batman, not both living side by side in the same universe. Everything Bruce Wayne has worked for, everything the Bat symbol means has just been squashed, because seemingly, anyone can fight crime. You don't need to put years of hard work and dedication into training. You don't need to know numerous marshall arts and know how to use multiple weapons. You don't need to have billions of dollars to make ultimate weapons to fight crime.
All you need is a costume.

Posts: 16

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Forum Oi! → Cinema & TV → Batgirl is rumored to be in JL

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