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I am so used to see her as Regina, that the meme just looks weird to me HAHAHAHAHA XD


Hello, man!! How you're doing? Didn't knew you also knew this channel.


I'm fine and yes, I knew about this channel. Ei, quer passar lá no "meu" canal? O nome se chama Nerdomante


That's nice! They always have fresh news here...
(Já conheço o Nerdomante, inclusive eu acompanho o canal, só tenho estado meio ausente de lá... está rolando o flood?)


I think yes


Carrie would be nice indeed. The uniform on her makes a lot more sense...


Vou dar uma passada lá.




Technically he was already Robin once in that stupid superhero spoof movie he did.
I feel bad for Drake his career has been on the downhill path ever since he and Josh broke up.


Nope Carrie Kelly is the worst robin.


She is the least interesting, has the least skills and training and has very little history or connection with batman.


"Even if joker never killed him he would have still eventually come to the conclusion that killing is the best option."
Which is why I feel that he does not understand. If he did, he would not kill with impunity. Also, I disagree that "killing is the best option".
"Batman trusting her in no way makes up for her lack of skills."
1. Skills - She does have skills. She rescued Batman from the Mutants in DKR. Besides, Batman does not trust her for stupid things; he gives her important things to do and she does them perfectly. That is why she should be Robin.
2. He might do anything for the other Robins, but I have never seen as close a bonding by Batman with anyone but Carrie and Cassandra.
3. How can you say that this is a new character when she does have history? And all versions of Robin are fair game. The fact that everyone and her cat knows about Dick Grayson and Tim Drake is no reason to use them exclusively. New approaches have just as much chance of succeeding as old ones, the writing just has to be good.
"I'd say the reason you are championing Carrie so much is either because she is the robin you are most familiar with or you see aspects of yourself in her."
I am an aging fat unfit man. There is no part of me that I can see in Batman or any other character in the DCU, though Batman has helped me define myself. As for "most familiar Robin", no that would be Tim Drake. I grew up in the 80's, reading Batman almost exclusively. Yet when I read DKR and DK2, Carrie immediately took Tim's place as the perfect Robin because of her utter dedication to Batman and his cause. The same with Cassandra. These two characters (and maybe Tim Drake) are the only ones who could ever replace Batman, and so I feel that they are the only ones that could ever be Robin, and since Cassandra is Batgirl, it makes perfect sense to me to have Carrie as Robin.


That's a good idea

Posts: 13

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Forum Oi! → Cinema & TV → Actor Drake Bell want to be Robin

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