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I would want to be introduced as a homeschooler...not a teacher.  And yes - there are similarities (and differences).  A homeschooler is a teacher and a mom...both.  And I have volunteered in many many classroom situations.  This fall, I will finally be modestly compensated for some of my work.  See how you've conveniently excluded the word "homeschooler" but gladly added the word "bigot."


Let me get this straight... you decided to keep your kids out of the public education system, then complain that the public education system has no place for your kids?
Pot, meet kettle.


It should be obvious to you by now that many find your topic unfocused and unclear. In such a case, if the author wishes to continue on the subject, it's best to add clarity.
In this comment thread specifically, I think you had muddled things even more. I responded to the comment in which you began, "I'm not worried about me. It's the kids in public school I worry about." That's odd for you to mention here, since it seems an unlikely focus for either topic title.
I'm not at all sure the change in title resolves any of the problems. The largest issues lie in irrelevance: irrelevant paragraph(s) or irrelevant title, irrelevant comments in attempt to clarify, and maybe irrelevance to the channel. No change in those, I'm afraid.


D- for writing


To me, "homeschooler" means the one who receives homeschooling, not the one who dispenses it. I never would have used it to describe you unless I knew you were homeschooled as a child and that it was particularly relevant here. Don't knock me for failing to use a word that I've never known to have such a definition.
But, concerning how you want to be introduced, allow to repeat myself, "for good or for ill, our culture tends to define people by the work
for which they get paid. You don't, so it's not surprising for you to be
introduced by name alone or by something other than what you do
uncompensated." And, as it happens, your marriage to her brother is you closest connection to your SIL, not whether you have kids. What with paid work being the main way of introduction, you having none (at the time), and the closest connection being through your marriage, it was perfectly reasonable (culturally speaking) for you to be introduced as your husband's (her brother''s) wife at your SIL's retirement party. All of which has nothing to do with public schools or how they may treat those who homeschool.
And, to get technical, I didn't call anyone a bigot, but mentioned "bigotry." I did see some indications of the practice, but I wouldn't presume that defines you as a person. I hope you'll understand the difference.


Ok, if any of this is, isn't not an ethical point, but it's yet to be touched on and I just gotta ask: how does one "accidentally" put a kid in kindergarten? There wasn't even an "instead of" listed to indicated a simple but embarrassing paperwork problem. Boom, 5-6 y/o, suddenly and inexplicably appearing at circle time in a classroom with his peer, we've no idea how it happened..? I'm baffled.


Good question.  Well...It seamed that my son already knew everything the class was learning.  The teacher said she would put him in a group to learn first grade material.  It never did happen.  I don't know why she said this and it didn't happen.  She was a good teacher, just stuck in a system she couldn't do what she thought was needed for the kids.  Furthermore, he wasn't learning enough about his faith and I wanted more time with him for that part of his education.  My favorite quote is from G.K. Chesterton, "The moment men begin to care more for education than for religion, they begin to care more for ambition than for education. It is no longer a world in which the souls of all are equal before heaven, but a world in which the mind of each is bent on achieving unequal advantage of the other."


You should make your OP more pointed. No need for the long write up and loss of the question in the rabbit hole. Try and slim down the narrative and pit your question in as simple and explanatory language as possible smile


Just because I wanted to homeschool, it doesn't mean I hate everyone in the system or think the entire system is a waste of time.  That is why I posted see how much of the system is affected by this mentality by seeing if it is pervasive.  We have a lot of friends in the public system.


My wife teaches art to homeschool groups and loves it, but wouldn't dare go near the public school system in our area. From what I've seen the attitude held by public school administrators can vary widely from district to district. In Salt Lake City the public schools had a lot of after-hours programs that were open to children whether they attended public schools or not.. but that's not the case here in the foothills of NC, where the attitude is very much "us vs them."


So, not an accident. "Accident" implies a lack of intent. Since you changed your mind on the subject, you may consider it a mistake, but since you had meant to enroll him in school and his age correlated to kindergarten, it wasn't an accident.
Your son was ahead academically and -- though the teacher suggested something might be done on that, nothing ever came about. Unfortunate, but it's true that a classroom of many students cannot perfectly cater to every student.
All your discussion of religion is neither here nor there except as a reason ultimately decided not to use public schools. State-sponsored education serves those of a variety of religions and sects. Unless you would feel comfortable with your child being taught a religion other than yours, it's inappropriate to teach any as true because then someone would fall into that position. It's only fair, really. (So I guess there may be space for an ethical question there.) Eh, but it's also true that I came from a religious tradition that's all for church, all for school, and highly mistrustful of the combination.


That is very interesting. Many in my area have moved to North Carolina.  Is it "us vs them" because the public school kids act up?  I taught a class with about fourteen students not too long ago (all from the public school system except two).  The first semester went smoothly with these second graders. All of the sudden, the kids began acting up in the second semester.  They couldn't focus on dialogue and had to be busy with their hands more than usual.  They were mostly girls too.  They became rowdier and noisier.  Only one of them listened exceptionally and the two homeschoolers did too.They all knew what it meant to be a homeschooler.  It was a new situation for me as the classes I taught here previously did not have this issue.  And those classes had more boys in them.  One of the students even practiced intentionally yelling over my dialogue with them. (Like many do today) She would even repeat my instructions not to talk when others are talking and still do it.  She was the one who would look in my teachers manual and try to read it and be the teacher.  I let her do teacher things like take roll and such.  She was very cute when she wanted to be. Then all of the sudden a change would come over her. In the end, I think the year was a benefit to them.  Nevertheless, I took a break from teaching there. Do you hear of situations where students act up like this?  The sudden change in their behavior really concerned me. It seemed like Jekyll and Hide.


I am so sorry to hear of this.
Myself and my daughters were one of the first in Colorado while on Vacation back in 2008 to have men visit my daughters in the women's restroom at a public gas station bathroom.
The manager said there was nothing he could do to stop it.


Concealed carry...
I was born and raised in liberal NYC. I've come a LONG way from anti second amendment protection. My entire family carries now.



Posts: 15

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Forum Oi! → Chit-Chat → "Do Homeschoolers and Students Who Don't Conform Often Get Excluded from the Public School System in Various Ways?"

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