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America is fearfilled


Numbers do not lie. Racists do.


Another blame-the-victim video that notes that, for example, police in the USA kill twice as many whites as blacks. Of course, there are five times as many whites in the USA than blacks, so that's a little misleading.
Did I say "a little misleading"? My bad. I meant "utterly mendacious."


I'm not American.  Frankly this subject is old and  I'm sick of it.  I don't care what color your skin is.  I do care what your ideology is and whether or not you intend to make me and mine a slave to the government or 'faith' you espouse.


Old video is no longer relevant. 


How does "oppression and marginalization" lead to higher rates of unwed motherhood?


1 incident is not indicative of a pattern, skippy.
Cops getting put away deservedly doesn't draw as many clicks or ratings so it's less likely to be widely published.




Exactly....mirrors my look of discuss every time I hear it -- plus I also own a metal suit.


Valiant effort.
Most on the left suffer from this delusion of systemic racism or the soft bigotry of low expectations when it comes to minorities


You should not call people racist, it is offensive. Hold yourself to a higher standard than casting your opponent as immoral simply because you aren't capable of winning an argument.


Where do you live, exactly?


How does "oppression and marginalization" lead to higher rates of unwed motherhood?

The alternative being that black people are just naturally more promiscuous and irresponsible?


Um, when did I call anyone racist? I said that the assumption that black people are naturally more prone to criminal behavior than whites is racist.


The mountains of NC.


There is nothing inborn or genetic about cultural trends; do you deny that Native Americans have a cultural problem with alcoholism, just because if it were true it would fit your definition of racism?
Facts do not bend to your feelings. Grow up and stop calling people racist, because you have to identify problems in order to solve them.


Statistics bear out that black fathers are less likely to remain in the same home as the mothers of their children. There is no motivation given.
That's why I asked you, and you didn't answer my question, how oppression and marginalization cause this.
I will concede that it isn't their fault that welfare laws are written in such a way as to purposefully break apart the family unit (of all peoples).


This has to be an ironic comment. Literally every statement you have made is rife with accusations of racism.
Nobody has discussed a predisposition towards crime besides you. Honestly, methinks the lady doth protest too much. Stop projecting your own beliefs about biological racism onto others.


Texas, myself.
That isn't a phrase I hear all that often.
Never been to either of the Carolinas.


One? If you think there has only been one such incident, you have looked at the issue a lot less than I have.
But perhaps you meant your comment for "skippy" whoever that is.


Nobody has discussed a predisposition towards crime besides you.

But that's what's implied by the assertion that structural racism doesn't exist. I believe African-Americans have been disadvantaged by bad schools, less access to health care, obstacles in hiring and advancement, unfairness in policing and sentencing, and constant attempts to keep them from voting. If you're denying that these disadvantages exist, how else do you explain that the median household income and net worth of blacks is so much lower than that of whites, or that their representation in the prison population is so much higher?


Institutional racism does not exist in this country.
I already detailed some of the main cultural failures within the black community that are responsible for their current economic condition. Communities are largely self-sustaining, so the protracted lack of productive, tax-paying households in African-American neighborhoods has resulted in extremely poor public services such as schools and health care.
Every country in history has engaged in chattel slavery. Nowhere but in this country do we entertain the false premise of a "legacy of oppression".


And, presuming most traffic stops are for violating traffic laws, at what rate do people of various ethnicities violate traffic laws in comparison to how often they're stopped? (And does it happen to vary unevenly with time of day?)
We do have the example of drug offenses. Whites use drugs at no lower rates than blacks, but you can guess who's arrested more often. I would be entirely unsurprised if enforcement of other laws is applied unevenly.


America's not as racist as it use to be, but like Avenue Q would always say, "everyone's a little bit racist."

Posts: 24

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Forum Oi! → Chit-Chat → Is America Racist? Morally?

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