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This is one honest way of seeing things.
The insane world of egos in mortal struggle for survival.
I say insane, but maybe anti-rational is closer to the truth.
Survival is more likely within a team than as an isolated individual.
Though my ego still dogs me, I broke myself on the rack of accepting that I am not loved as I want to love, and probably never will be. Because I fail at love, also.
How can I ask for what I am incapable of?
So I have stopped asking for more than that I not be badly used.
There I draw the line and though many are too blind to see, the corpses of friendships I thought reciprocal are piling up around me.


Three is the root of all things.
Try angles when wrecks tangle your wings."

--Saul Williams


Maybe I should say, I demand I not be abused . . .
But I'm not looking for a fight
Just my emancipation
Which would be funny coming from a white male American
But for the tragedy of having been enslaved among slaves, most of my life, all the while believing we were free, and ready to banish any who would openly question that.
Sorry. I don't get what Mr. Williams is trying to say.


It's probably more poetic than relevant. I was just trying to match aesthetics a bit. Maybe I overreached.
"enslaved among slaves" makes me think of how we all treat slavery as abolished, even though I had to leave my home town and spend my life single because it costs over $1,000,000 plus the 200% cost of a 30 year mortgage to buy an average 4 bedroom house in the town I grew up in, in addition to all the other expense of a family, and rent on even a 1 bedroom apartment approaches $2,000/mo..
I'm not sure how the hell anyone thinks slavery has been abolished.


I could see the word play.
I'll admit some of my own logoistic ventures are half baked.
Gestures perhaps too harshly, but fairly called spastic
But what can you do?
The slavery here is worse than the imposed
It is "chosen" by a timid desire to stay inside the box offered as "possible", "normal", "natural" "good".
So very few children are raised to be free adults
Because that is the most difficult way of all.
To tell them they can be anything they want in the absence of example and expectation is to condemn them to wanting the candy store.
And here we are.
Surrounded by people reaching for the candy.


It's really become a world where those who have to compete by working for a living have no chance by simply working for a living. Surviving with any quality of life requires the advantages of an institution--networking, nepotism, and the defense of a community with teeth when other forces attack. In that respect, they dynamic is returning to old times, when religious affiliation was an absolute necessity of survival.
I'm just glad the VA has taken me out of the game, so I don't have to deal with it much.


I think you are correct about the dynamic.
I don't see a way to get clear except for already being too old to do more than shelter in place. No place to run.
Any good that comes my way exceeds expectations.
Just trying not to become ideologically infantilized.

Posts: 7

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Forum Oi! → Chit-Chat → A Word to the Wiseass: WORTH

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