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1. I do not believe human cloning is not a fact at this time.
2. Not possible to answer as I don't have any evidence for god or a soul.
3. Anything is ethical if enough people believe it is. Morality is essentially a construct of society.


We know: Pelosi, Hilary, Obamy


Clone only means duplicate, not "Creating life"


well i do know that there are experiments being done to generate lab grown skin. and muscle tissue. both human and animal. at some point they will be able to grow new hearts, and kidneys and such. they will be able to also grow lab meat that can replace the farm factory food that is such a point of issue today. there are articles out now about the food machines being developed. as far as people, full grown thinking people, i think thats too far. there are so many people being born today, that they do not need to lab grow people for experimentation. i have heard interviews with ex korean army doctors that told of organs on demand factorys in huge prisons in the north. all of the prisoners are death row, for any reason. and they work and toil until a phone cal comes asking for a certain blood type ,age amd tissue type. the prisoner is marched into a operating room and killed, and the organs are cut out of him, sometimes while his heart still beais. into thermoses, and off the organs go. so there is no need for clones,, yet.


They broke the mold when they made BigDaddy


I think cloning is possible. I don't know if it is extensively done.
  Whether someone has a soul is not knowable, it is commonly believed, but people who claim to not have a soul have the same rights as other people so it seems a moot point.
  Cloning does not seem significantly different from other in vitro embryo creation, which product of is considered a full person who has complete rights. Need is not a justification for taking a persons body parts, so no, it is not legal or ethical. . Growing only body parts from a persons DNA is at issue in the HeLa  case and seems an unanswered question..


Question is, is that ethical. A condemned person is going to die anyway, and the death would be easier that the current US method, so?


Nope. I do not think ethics depend on a popular vote.


2:  Is it possible to answer whether or not Female X loves you, or that you love her?  You don't have evidence for those claims, either.


Happy Father's Day!


there are a lot of questions of ethical behavior when it comes to south korea. and the fact they keep large stocks of humans for organ purposes, and then sell them to hospitals in europe, and britain, and mexico, as requested, is a serious point of concern. because its not just what they sell and how,, but who is ignoreing the source and buying. why is it illegal to advertise and sell organs in the us? why doesnt prisons in the us do the same thing? they could eliminate the waiting list for organs almost within a week i think, if they could simply harvest crimanals, and sell the organs, then split the proceeds between the victims family, and the prison that housed them..


While I could not know for a certainty if she loves me, I could take as evidence her words and actions. I have the evidence of my own feelings to answer whether or not I love her.


Same to you, Roc Kit!
Would we call creator of clones "fathers" too, by way?


Are you sure this isn't in a book? I mean Brave New World is on my 'to read' list.


So what you really meant is not that you can't answer #2 due to lack of evidence, but that you can't answer #2 because we could not understand your feelings about it anyway?

Posts: 16

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Forum Oi! → Chit-Chat → Human Cloning. It is here

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