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Complex topic. Best of luck with it.


Shiloh was the iron anvil for three men.
Gen. Lew Wallace, who dithered in his far -too long flanking maneuver against Confederate Gen.Johnston at Shiloh  [ and who would go on to pen one of the greatest works in American literature, ''Ben Hur: A Tale of the Christ'', and serve as territorial governor of New Mexico at the time of Billy The Kid].
Lt. Ambrose Bierce, whose horror at Shiloh inside of the ''Hornets Nest'', with an Indiana regiment would bring forth one of the great postwar contributions to American literature beginning with his ''An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge'', and finalizing with his attempt to grasp the abject finality of life in ''Chickamauga''. [ Bierce, disappearing forever inside of Mexico during its 1911 revolution ].
And finally, Henry Stanley, who was so repelled by the fighting at Shiloh, where he served as a private in the 6th Arkansas Infantry, that he deserted, became a reporter for the New York Herald, went to Africa, and was credited upon finding his quarry in now-Tanzania with the immortal greeting, ''Dr. Livingstone, I presume''.


Yeah, which is why I am structuring the novel as collection of related short stories. This chapter is Shiloh, and will have two short stories written from opposite perspectives of a confederate and union regiment in the Hornet's Nest centered around the lowest men that alternates between two central characters. That way you can take the entire book in isolated chunks.
I want to get down among the privates and sergeants and such. The highest ranked characters actually ever seen is a Colonel, and maybe a glimpse of a Brigadier. So it's at the squad level basically.
I already finished Manassas, from the perspective of a VMI cadet in the Stone Wall Brigade, and a young drummer boy in one of Shermans regiments facing off against them.
Next will come Antietam. After that I'm not sure. Maybe I might make it through the war in 20 years. lol Anyway once they are all finished I will edit them together, maybe in one volume based one the west and another on the east. Who knows.


Let us know when it is published.


Hell I'll do better than that I'll post excerpts.


Cool. Maybe that will help you edit it.


I would like to read about these "forgotten" wars of the civil war .
I wonder if you'll  ever have another one .  Something is breaking
out over your way .


As a leftist I can acccurately state that you are FOS.

Posts: 8

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