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Wilson made a big mistake , you don't get rid of a person by appointing him to the
Supreme Court . These judges become  more powerful than a President , and can                       never be sacked .


Sounds like a backwards prick. He'd get along with today's politicians.


Dicks tend to be the only ones who get into politics.


Yea, even some of the nicest one's have d****ish ways and definitely are all extroverts that love attention.


People that think so highly of themselves that they become political leaders are often way too cocky /:


How many can you identify that went from Democrat to Republican ?


OK, that was a trick question ... because only one Democrat became a Republican - Strom Thurmond.
The Republicans overwhelmingly supported the passage of civil rights legislation.


His political affiliation was not at all obvious from this post. He was appointed to important positions by TR (a Republican) and Wilson (a Democrat).


So after being presented with facts that disprove his premise, his only response is to digress into a petulant state and begin the name calling(smart guy this one).


While it's not rare for appointments of people from opposing parties for cabinet positions or as Theodore Roosevelt did with Justice McReynolds appointing him as assistant Attorney General, not to my knowledge has there ever been a Supreme Court nominee from the Presidents apposing party. Like I said above "So I would hope either people realize his political affiliation from either your statement or the aforementioned reasons. Thanks for pointing it out."


Epimenides, do you "delight in making others uncomfortable"? If so, what illuminations about your political affiliation could make the tendency better illustrated?


Bill Brennan was a Democrat, appointed by a Republican.


Well I stand corrected.


If nice guy Taft complained about him, he must have been nasty.


Yep, typical uninformed mis-educated 'progressive'.

Posts: 15

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Forum Oi! → Chit-Chat → Supreme Court Justice: James Clark McReynolds

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