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If Rome had mass literacy and mass media, it is likely that the Empire would have undergone a period of liberal revolution, like or 1789 or 1848.
Autocracy would have become unsustainable without brutal repression and censorship.


Large screen in every  town square and market place blaring out the latest propaganda


I guess it would depend on who is in charge.


Only the thing about islam is its true you mean.


Just reading about the history of radio, apparantly the first broadcast (in Morse code) without an intended recipiant was during the Easter Rising in the General Post Office.
Interesting fact (if you're interested in the influence of broadcast media).


I dont care what you appreciate. You can slurp up all the leftist ideology you can stomach. I prefer to tell people the truth. If enough believe the spread of this disgusting murder ideology may be stopped.


Be dumb thats up to you. I believe all religions are about controlling people. Only islam is also about hate, murder, intolerance, oh and conquest.


You call things truth, yet you ignore facts, such as the one that ''it is rarely pure and never simple''.
You prefer to believe a simple narrative peddled by national media for the purposes of propaganda, not the truth that is complex.
Islam is not inherantly murderous, and many hate other Muslims more than those who are not Muslims themselves.
Unfortunately, that is far too complicated for you, so you just stick to the media's false narrative that ''Muslim=bad''.


Its only complicated for people like you. If it stays out of western countries and islamists kill each other it isnt our problem. See simple.


Yet the actions of nations which are ''Islamic'' do not indicate a desire for conquest, but one of regional dominance and/or domestic prosperity.
The American imperialist attitude often uses intolerant propaganda to justify murder and 'conquest', and you have fallen for it to such an extent that you will deny that you have indeed fallen for it.


Yet many risk death and slavery to have a better life in ''western countries''.
You would let them die, as you consider them less than ''us''.
Such rhetoric is dangerous and immoral.


From historical speculation to an introduction to spectral engineering on the Electronic Communications Comittee. Wait, they have a wind turbine section.
I should really not be allowed online while drunk.
The wind turbine results should be available around the end of 2017, by the way. It's a Dutch study, see ECC report 260 for more info.


Right.  See, that's the thing.  The Romans had complete control of the propaganda system that existed at the time.  Nowadays, there is much more information flying around, and therefore more information that needs to be -- and therefore IS -- controlled.


Had there been mass media at the time, the Romans would have had to do everything possible to bury the story about Masada.  It is my belief such footage would have damaged world opinion about Rome.


You make it clear that you consider Islam a threat to society as you cannot think of other factors beyond race (and you consiously reject that one).
Try going to Tehran, Riydah, Algiers, Kabul and Lahore and asking people what they think.
The media has you scared of those places, because you can't point to them on a map and you hear scary news about them.


The media only shows all your love of islam. Are you fvcking kidding? Jesus whats wrong with you? I have read the koran. Maybe you should. As i said good day.


Read their holy book. Listen to their imams spew hate. Even at mosques in the usa. You are a fool. Now leave me alone. I do not care what you believe.


But I care what you believe, and consider it dangerous, and as such I care little for your denunciations.
As such, I will not leave you alone due to cowardly complaints, and I denounce you as a coward in the full knowledge that that is the worst insult I can call you.
Not the one most intended to cause manufactured outrage, or the one which will imply you are among the worst humans, but the one which will cause the most genuine hate, coward.


Chuckle. If you knew how little that means. Chuckle. You go you big bad internet warrior. You probably sh!t yourself when a man walks by you. Chuckle. I think you are the one with your little feelings hurt there girlie.


I think that laugh rings hollow, coward.
I know exactly what I mean, and exactly what insult will get a response.
The ''Muslim menace'' is of far less threat to you than some poor bast@rd with a gun, as are cars. You lack perception of risk scales, we all do, but this terror is fanned by sensationalist media, as they demonise the 'other' who cannot speak for themselves, in pursuit of the military industrial complex, votes and simple advertising revenue.
You read it on ''alternative'' sites because they confirm and shape your bias of what the world is, and challenges are dimissed, quite independantly, as ''liberal disease''.
No-one told you that, that was your bias speaking.


Do Muslims agree with everything in the Koran?
Most Christians will not agree with everything in the Bible, so holy books are hardly sufficiant evidence for denouncing people for whom religion is a part of personal identity, like it or not.
Rights for all men (not inclding women and slaves) were first published only in the 1780s in the USA and France, so any publications before this can hardly be cited as independant guides to morality, regardless of whether or not you like it.


God you are so dense. Also you are the coward. Attacking people online. Try that face to face. You and thosw like you are the problem. France germany and other countries are now taking the brunt of the islamic offensive. Yet you would open the doors. You should all be shot like the cowardly traitorous scum you are. Chuckle.


You have no clue what your talking about little boy. Chuckle. Most muslims are illiterate and inbred. They only know the hate the imams  spew. Of course backward barbaric people believe they will receive glory in the afterlife if they kill infidels. Like you. What are you 12 years old mama's boy? Chuckle. You make me laugh so hard. Chuckle. I am going to bed now you sweet little girl. Chuckle. When you grow up you will learn how the world really works. Till then real men will bleed and die so you can spout ridiculous stupid things. You should be ashamed of yourself. Chuckle.


You call me a coward and a traitor because I don't believe people should be left to drown? Me and those like me, who believe in housing people in little more than prefab shelters and giving them a few Euros, are not cowards.
You are scared of millions you will never even meet based on prejudice and online fear-mongering. You are the coward, not me.
You call me traitor, yet you offer no solutions but fear and hate, based on little more than ignorance of many complex situations. Afghans from Helmand are not like Sunnis from Yemen, nor are Acehnese like Kazakhs from Almaty.
The fact that you read that last sentence as ''Muslims'', and it is a fact, suggests you know little of modern Islam beyond the following: ''I'm not a racist, I've read their book and everything'', then found your preferred websites to tell you that.
This is your logic, such as it is, and it is dangerous, which is why I will not allow you to go in peace.


Better men survived so I didn't have to fight for my rights to free expression. Glorifying violence and the men who commit it, for any cause, is a sign that you haven't thought about the cause, or you would not be so quick to implicitly praise militarism.
Dehumanising language is why I object to your statements, and will continue to do so, as it is the product of a mind poisoned by militaristic propaganda.
You can explain concepts to minds which have not yet formed an opinion, but once that opinion is formed, it is very difficult to dissuade people like you, who grew up on ''action heros beating the evil robots''.
Of course, there are no ''evil robots'', but the men who fight must do so for a cause, otherwise your belief might be false. In order to reconcile these views, you have decided that those terrorists in the desert are the bad ones who deserve to die, anything else could mean that the American Military is not always heroic.
You will call me a traitor, a coward, certainly a stupid liberal, maybe even a Muslim, for stating such things, but I stand by them, even as you type your rejections (if you indeed do so) yet that doesn't explain the realpolitik in the Middle East and further afield, something which money, media and wilful ignorance can.


Honestly, that movie is overrated, and demonstrates how Monty Python were a bunch of reactionary goons. Basically, the message is "British colonialism is good, and those Communist guerrillas looking for independence are a bunch of dicks!".


Allow me. You are a complete fool. As much as you would like you control nobody. Fool. Chuckle.


If Rome had modern mass media to cover the Jewish War :  Then...
- We would see another Propaganda war and an attempt to mould Public opinion
-  Intellectual Morons creating a New Narrative
-  History is getting more Falsified.  I think it was Churchill who wrote "History would be kind to me because I am writing that History"  or something like that.


Not sure I followed what you're saying.
I'm also not sure I understand what is and is not "in the hands of the people."
I think that much of our "propaganda" is actually something that we do to ourselves when we refuse to speak about things in uncomfortable ways.
We self-censor.
...I think because we consider it necessary to be comforted by the messages in our environment.
But that's just my opinion.  I could be wrong.  (As Dennis Miller used to say.)


Speculative history? About time the whole narrative was doubted. Whose history is it, anyway? When the music is out of tune and the numbers given don't match the answer given, then we must  postulate. It's only natural; when you got to go then you got to postulate.
Two sites that might interest advanced thinkers =
@ Anatoly Fomenko - History - Fiction Or Science.
simply - all given history just does not correlate with natural laws.
From Sylvie Iwanova @ the Earth covered in strange structures -

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Forum Oi! → Chit-Chat → Speculative History: If Rome had modern mass media to cover the Jewish War

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