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Forum Oi! → Chit-Chat → Why does Steve Buscemi look like an AIDS patient whose luck's run out?

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If that's what his face looks like..... we don't want to know what his ass looks like.


I was going to say that if my dog looked like that, I'd shave his ass and teach him to walk backwards, but I'm pretty sure that's how this mess started in the first place. I'm not saying I dislike the guy. I just wonder what kind of veterinarian would implant teeth into a dog's asshole, and what his motive might have been.


He reminds me of Michael Sarrazin when he was older.


Holy sh*t. It's SB with a hair helmet.


Why do I see that look and imagine him as some 70s pederast watching a neighbor's swimmingpool from the roof of his house next to a cooler full of shitty beer?


That's the man.




Ah, now that's much better. It's amazing what plastic surgery can do these days.


What Matt Dillon said in "Something about Mary" The kid has a forehead you can show a movie on.


Don't know - he wasn't a bad actor - first came across him in "The Reincarnation of Peter Proud". Jennifer O'Neill was SMOKING.
Read the book too - the book was better, as is usual for most any movie.


IMAX makes me dizzy. I watched Avatar on that forehead in 3D in Vegas with a stomach full of gin and almost tossed my cookies all over his Armani suit.


The beer in my cooler is not sh!tty. And ..and...and...nevermind.




I'm not saying he IS that way, it just looks like that in the picture, but far be it from me to misportray a person's character by way of giving the wrong impression on a picture. I won't have that kind of irresponsible sh*t on my channel! lololol


Oops. What I really meant was that 99.99999% of my waking hours is spent doing exactly that, and I love every minute of it--but you know, SEX of one, half a dildo of the other. lol




I remember when his head was blown off in the Sopranos.


Jennifer O'Squeal ain't bad.


Oh yeah!


I got halfway through the first season, but couldn't take it anymore. The funny thing was that I didn't stop watching because it was bad, but because it was too good. It's the closest thing I can imagine to what real mafia life would be like.
To give you an idea, did you ever watch Shield? It was TOO real. I actually did watch that all the way through, and I felt like I had the good fortune of seeing what the sh*t life of real civilian policework would be like, from the ass end of a detective's career with all the "real action" that seems to draw audiences to movies, and real cops to real policework--all without the knowledge of what it REALLY would be like.
At the end of the Shield series, I felt like I'd escaped a horrible life by avoiding civilian police work. I felt the same feeling about the mafia when I watched the Sopranos. It's just too real.


I have never seen Shield - I guess I'll have to try it out. I'm watching "Branded" for the sixties at present.
I pirated the Sopranos years back and watched all of it - you are right - it was too damn good, and as real as it gets. Some of the best writing, acting and direction I have ever seen.


There's some crossover references about Branded in Big Lebowski, which I've had looped in the background for days. I'm not sure what they are though. They should the author in an iron lung.


He sounds like a stand up guy




I don't see standup listed among his many achievements. Just kidding, of course. I've no idea what his history is, I just think his face sucks. Who knows how it happened, though. Maybe he's sick from being a firefighter. I always laugh to myself with a little annoyance when I hear people say that "Gulf War Syndrome" is a myth. Our bodies are subjected to so much that it doesn't have to be a specific illness. Who knows what kind of sh*t we were breathing every time we wandered through a collapsed structure, and I know for a fact that the frogfags in Canada are still shipping asbestos to other countries as building material. They have an entire town dedicated to it called "Asbestos." I also know that part of the treatment of asbestos removal in the US involved sealing what couldn't be entirely scraped--but that doesn't hold if the building collapses, which means anyone sorting through it is fucked.
Anyway, I sincerely bear no ill will toward Mr Fuckface here. I'm just having some fun with a weird face that's been looping on my screen for a coupled days in the background, as he played Donny in "Big Lebowski."


sh*t, SGT. If you turn him into a real person that I respect, how am I supposed to make fun of him? Dammit, now I like the guy. lol


A fashion model? For who? Giraffes who f*ck Zika patients?


There. Made him all pretty for ya. You may love him now.




Not sure I recommend The Shield, unless you're considering working a Gang Suppression Unit, then I advise doing so before choosing that life to see what the reality would be like. It's anything BUT glamorous.

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Forum Oi! → Chit-Chat → Why does Steve Buscemi look like an AIDS patient whose luck's run out?

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