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He isn't confirming sh*t. He is trying to trick Snyder fans into seeing Joss Whedon's Justice League of Ultron. PANIC! RIOT!




Calm down for god's sake! Wait at least until it has been released to protest about the movie


I agree with him, we have two very talented directors who have worked and are working on the movie but most has been directed by Snyder. It's still his movie


This channel will not approve that lying sack of sh*t.


They've also swapped  out the musical director for the rather more formulaic Elfman. Next they will announce a 108 minute run time.


Or not, and they swapped musical directors but they have hired a very talented guy and a great professional, have a little faith and wait until you see it to start criticizing the film


I will see the film, but I am adjusting my expectations.
I've just checked and I've seen pretty much every film Elfman has scored since 1988 and there are some great films in there, but I don't remember the music of any of them; not even Nightmare before Christmas, which is a musical.


So you don't remember the music for Batman 1989? It pretty much is playing in my head right now as I remembered is his. And many of the songs written for nightmare before christmas are pretty memorable.


But it's your right to adjust your expectations, that way you can be very pleasantly surprised or not too disappointed


Often the best way, I agree.


I've scoured almost everything about that awful film from my memory other than my reaction. I saw it at the cinema and have never seen it since, nor did I watch the sequel. I did give Val Kilmer a chance and watched the third film in the franchise, but only once. I had truly learnt my lesson by the Clooney film.
As I said, I don't remember much about the music for Nightmare, so not memorable.




Whedon did well with Avengers Assemble. His other films and TV shows are not so great. However, I cannot fault his genre credentials and he is one of the people responsible for the wide acceptance of the once highly marginalized geek culture. As such, he deserves a chance or two.


Well, DC is giving him 1/4 of a chance with JL. I just hope he doesn't screw it up, truly.
Personally, I am only giving him a chance because he brought Colossus back nicely smile If he could do that, he has some potential.


It most certainly did hahaha sorry.


How could you miss the George Clooney film, who gave children information such "What Killed the dinosaurs? The Ice Age!" Hahaha ok you probably didn't lose brain cells by watching that one like the rest of us did. But batman the 1989 movie was not a bad movie, in fact until they changed director and main actors the batman movies were pretty good


That's your opinion and I respect it. However for me Batman is the first superhero movie I ever saw, I saw it on tv with just four years of age and I still remember well the first time I saw it , so for me it's a great movie, even if it can have some flaws, I've rewatched several times since that first time and I still love it like the first day. It's a matter of taste of movie tastes I imagine.


Yes taste, obviously, but also expectations. You were a small child, having your expectations set, I was a long time Batman fan in my mid-twenties having my expectations ignored. Remember, this was after the seismic changes in comics that happened in the 80s, Burton just ignored the work of Miller, Moore and especially Doug Moench and gave us a cartoonish Batman. Who was fat! Keaton was beyond bad in the role, even completely failing to get Bruce Wayne right.
I'm glad you like it, but I never will.

Posts: 19

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Forum Oi! → Cinema & TV → Johns basically confirmed JL is still Zacks Film

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